Sunday, November 08, 2009

Watercolors from the 90's

My great teacher, Arthur L. Guptill, gives his fealings on Watercolor in his book, Watercolor Painting Step-By-Step. "Watercolor has long been my favorite medium of pictorial representation -- at least so far as my own painting is concerened -- so whenever I have taught it, or have had the oportunity to write about it, I have been able to do so with unusual enthusiasm. Why do I like watercolor so well? Partly because it always seems to me such a joyous medium. Good watercolor paintings are customarily so crisp and clean-cut, so spontaneous, so alive. Watercolor also seems to me a miraculous medium, permitting maximum reslts with a minimum of time and effort." (pg. 11)

I chose watercolor because the colors mixed so easly and beautifully, like magic. I soon found that watercolor would be far more dificult than I had imagined. One paints backwards in watercolor, reserving the lights while seeking to create the darker values and colors. And one can never cover up a mistake in watercolor.

In the early 90's I was studying art with Rob McKay. I tried some paintings. None are worth sharing, but they got me going. Later I tryed some on my own.

This series is of the "Greatest Men of the Twentieth Century"




I also tried one of my friend and a great teacher,

Dave Brimhall.
I took a class in Watercolor at the University of Utah. There were training exersizes and studies. It was a great opertunity.

Then I put my study to work in the class asingments.

This one was inspired by Inherit the Wind, a play I was directing at the high school.

As a teacher of Ancient Histoy, I tried my hand at the pyramids.
I was on my own again all too soon. I tried copying; this from a book of botanical art.

I closed out the 90's with some careful studies of my own, these are on color mixing and flesh tones.



Reach Upward said...

Wow. I have no talent for this kind of thing, so I have great regard for those that hone their artistic talents so as to convey truth.

Lysis said...

Thank you for understanding. There are many ways to seek the truth. Art gives visual manifestation of ideas otherwize comprehended only by the soul. Studying Art forces one to realize that there can be no freedom without knowlege of truth.