Tuesday, June 07, 2016

First Trip in - June 6, 2016

On June 6th 2016, Leonard Hawkes, Andrew Crookston, Chris Barton, and I traveled into Loll for the first time of the season.  The Forest Service has done some great work on the road.  There was only one major wash-out.  We got around it with little trouble. 

We were too eager to "get in" to spend much time taking pictures - however we did hit a snow drift on the last switch back. 

Chris and Andrew soon had the snow cut through.

The crew arrives at the Parade Ground.

There is still enough snow for a quick ski.

Jody's fence makes it through the winter!!!
The Lodge looks great - inside and out!
Snow in the Parking Lot.
The "Kirkham" patch to the Old Dinning Hall looks great; as do all the old cabins.

 Lots of snow around the Nez Perce KYBO.

There is a little damage to the Rifle Range, Leonard points to the problem.  We've fixed much worse before.

The West End Bridge will need a little work.

Lots of snow on the "South Side".  This is between Blackfoot and Hopi.

Moose track by Shoshoni campsite.

Still snow on the south shore.  Swim-checks will be fun!

Having found Camp Loll in great shape considering the "ravages of winter" we headed home.  It was  time to take some pictures.

The Two Mile Road is wonderfully improved.  The big boulders gone and the road bed elevated and crowned. 

Once back on the Grassy Lake Road we made good progress - we did stop to remove our second tree of the day.

Nature Director Andrew on the chain saw.

At the ditch we found "disaster" a couple from Arizona had driven into the wash.  They and a helpful passer by had been working on the situation for over an hour.  We were able to provide tools and muscle and success.

As we found them.

Some time later.

And, out!  It's always good to meet Boy Scouts in the Woods.

One of this Saturday's many tasks.

The Camp Loll Staff is headed in on the 11th.  Wish us luck and send us your prayers.