Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sketchbook 1998

I started a sketchbook in 1998. A lot of reading had convinced me that I needed to be drawing everyday. I was taking lessons from Kamille, but they were only once a week, at the same time I was attending life drawing at the U, but again that was only for a few hours weekly. On the inside of the front cover or the sketch book I outlined my rather ambitions goals.

I started filling pages with little bits from all around.

Once the weather permitted, I headed for Layton City Park. Years before I had dreamed of making sketches of ducks and other wild life. I now found that it is much easier to draw a bird than a person. Ones eye is not as critical. The same holds for plants.

So many ducks.
Come summer we were off to Cherry Valley Scout Camp. There, by the sea, one found a host of subjects to draw, what I didn’t have was time.

After Camp, we visited Loll. I missed it so much. We also went to Copenhagen basin to pick Huckleberries. While there I took time to make this sketch.

Autumn brought me back to my house in Layton, my memory jar, fall fruits, and more ducks.

That winter we visited Hogal Zoo. I sketched a rather intimidating chimpanzee. It was a bit disconcerting when, a few weeks later, the animal tried to kill his keeper and had to be shot. I think I saw that in his eye. Did I catch that evil glint?

There were many more drawing than I have posted here. The practice was valuable. I also continued my work with Kamille and my life Figure Drawing sessions. You can see some of these other efforts at Figure Drawing from the 1990’s.


Alison Conner said...

I'm glad that you are posting all these drawings and talking about how much you have worked and put into getting better. It is something that I admire in you. I hope that this effort to make oneself better is something that I can emulate. Thank you for sharing, sometimes I don't get to see all that you have done. Thank you.

Lysis said...


I am glad you liked these things. I have enjoyed organizing them and reevaluating my progress. I am very proud of you, all the hard things you have done, the dreams you hold, and your determination to gain them.