Saturday, November 14, 2009

Art Room

Over a year ago I started dreaming of an Art Room; a sort of museam, library, study, and workroom. Before camp I consulted a contractor on building a book case, and through the summer I imagined creating the space. Last fall, my son Bryon helped me refinish the floors in the old bedroom; then Janice and I re-papered it. I looked at 701 different wall papers before I found "the one". All of my sons helped me install the new woodwork around the floors and doors and finish off the window. I rounded up furniture here and there: the desk from my childhood bedroom, Owen Burnham’s old chest-of-drawers, a table bought un-finished, and a new oriental carpet. I got the light switch and the socket covers from Jackson Hole. Last week I finally received the kind gift of the kick plates for the doors, a present from Joey Langford; custom made with his father and a friend.

Here is the sketch of my dream made one day at Loll. Some days a Camp Director just sits around waiting to be needed. This is time to draw.

Some months later the room was all but finished. Here is my sketch of how it looked at last.

With last week's arrival of the kick plates I decided it was time to show off. This desk was in my bedroom all throughout my childhood.

This corner holds some of my favorite things. My Rockwell of a Boy Scout, a painting by Lafe and Diane, an old map of the Loll area, a wolf track brought to me by James Coburn - all the way from Alaska. The grizzley footprint cast is from Montana, (I bought it at DI.) The charcoal drawings are my own, and the red chalk was a gift from Dalin Slater. Lafe and Diane picked up the print of the hummingbird at an art show they were in, and the photo of the spring beauty blossoms is my own.


I picked up the moose cutout on the right at Flag Ranch, the bowls were from Layton High's Empty Bowls program 2008. The Malasian dragon, I bought at Lava Hot Springs last Easter. The bust in the center is of Apollo. Bryon brought the bamboo sailboat from Venezuela, the sword in the right hand corner, Lafe brought from the Philippines, and the archer on the second shelf is from Brazil, a gift from Shaun.

These are my Sandy Scott sculptures.

I am especially pleased with the kick plates. I designed them, but their manufacture was a truly generous gift.


Taylor and Jodi said...

I love the room Delose. Seeing it reminds me of sitting in your classroom looking around at all the paintings and trinkets.

Lysis said...

Thanks. It is full of happy memories. I hope everything is going well for you in your great adventure, and we hope to see you soon.

Reach Upward said...

Beautiful. Gotta love the top border on the walls.