Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let the Sunshine In

Many who love America are lamenting the upcoming trial of 9/11 terrorist. I am not. Some fear that Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, and the terrorists will use the trial to attack the Bush administration and America. I am confident that just the opposite will happen. The American people will once more come to appreciate the policies of George W. Bush. The truth will come out. The characteristics of a real leader, epitomized by President Bush, be reveled, and the courage, honor, and strength of our last President will be vindicated. The Obama administration will not fair well in the light of this day. As for the murderers of 9/11, their ranting, and the preposterous assertions of their attorneys and supporters, will shed the light of truth on fanatic Islam. It will wither like scum in the sunshine.


Reach Upward said...

I have been watching both sides of this debate and I see valid points on both sides.

To me, there are three compelling concerns by those that oppose the trail:

1) Treating war criminals under normal criminal law will produce a need for our soldiers to become field police officers and crime scene investigators rather than warriors intent on protecting Americans and their interests.

2) Trying a few high profile war criminals under domestic criminal law without prosecuting others creates a situation of unequal treatment under the law.

3) Trying only war criminals that the administration believes will unavoidably be convicted will make these trials seem like kangaroo courts rather than courts that administer even-handed justice.

However, Judge Andrew Napolitano makes a very strong case that bringing these guys to trial correctly follows established laws.

Napolitano doesn't address concern #1 listed above, but he says that due to the Bush and Obama administrations' and the Congress' definitions of the conflict, we must bring these guys to trial if we want to follow our actual laws. In other words, #1 above is a political matter rather than a judicial matter.

Tiffany said...

But bring them to trial where? The military has a judicial system under which it can prosecute these individuals and under which there is precedent for such legal action. Why put them in a US Civil Court?

Lysis said...

Reach and Tiffany,

Thank you for your comments. I agree with both of you on many points. Reach – your three points are valid; Judge Napolitano's is not. As Tiffany says, there are military courts were enemy combatants can be justly and constitutionally tried. These people don’t even rise to the level of war criminals. They are terrorists not criminals of any kind.

My point was simply this, those who think this circus will damage George Bush’s reputation will find the tables turned, and those who think that the more we hear from ranting fanatics the more we will admire them, are loons.

whitedoggy65 said...

This trial is a step in the right direction. Recognizing Islam as a full blown fanatic religion,which people have been afraid to do. Too long have we been cowaring to muslim opinion.

True, most muslims aren't suicidal fanatics. But even the most pacifistic muslim would relent if terrorists burst into his home and threatened to kill his family if he didn't join.

Most overlook that simple point.