Monday, November 16, 2009

Very Basic Art Lessons - #5 - Drawing the Head

Human Anatomy

Note: The human figure is the most difficult illusion to create in representational Art. It is the image of God; therefore the most sublime demonstration of beauty and truth. The laws that make its depiction possible are universally applicable to all Art and their mastery key to unlocking Art's secrets. For this reason Very Basic Art Lessons moves directly from Perspective, the way we see things, to the Human Form, the things we see.


Dan said...

I must say, I was surprised, and a bit peeved, to discover you blogging again. Surprised because I had come here for a long time after you quit, hoping you would start up again, and peeved because I didn't know until this morning that you had.

At least now I'll know to bookmark and check this site again, already so many good posts that I have been unable to comment on.

Lysis said...


I am very happy to be with again. I have tried to change the tone at the Agora, a little. I look forward to hearing from you.