Sunday, November 08, 2009

Reason Can Save Us

Know the Truth and the Truth will make you Free.

Men can recognize the truth by reasoning. Cicero tells us that men share the ability to reason with the gods; that indeed reason is the common attribute of all men and all gods. That men are continually deceived and enslaved demonstrates that reasoning, like any godlike act, isn’t easy. My father always said that fanaticism and fear run the world. It is easy to be stupid. Enemies of reason, truth, and freedom are revealed in three challenges.

I. Religious fanaticism

Let’s be clear. To say that the War Against Terror is a war against Islam, as the terrorist Nadal Hasan has, is not reasonable. America’s best allies in this War are Muslims: Iraqis, Afghans, and Pakistanis, who fight and die everyday defending freedom from terror. But the evil they join our American Heroes in resisting is an interpretation of the teachings of Mohamed. The service of reasonable Muslims does not expiate the fact that many others interpret the Koran as justifying, even demanding, the violent conversion of all to that religion; seeking to enslave, even to kill those who resist, and denying any a choice in religion. These tenants of “radical” Islam fly directly in the face of freedom and the reason that underpins it. (To get a contrasting view check out the LDS 11th Article of Faith.)

For eight years, vigilance and sacrifice have kept the American homeland safe from terrorist attack. That vigilance has lessened, that sacrifice questioned, and our nation has once more been attacked by a terrorist who finds his motivation in unreasoned religious fanaticism.

If free people become too tired of the struggle the terrorists will win, reason will fail, and freedom will be lost.

II. Global Warming

Radical Environmentalism is another fanatic and unreasonable religion. Climate, like weather, changes; after all, climate is simply weather over time. The claim that global warming is man-caused is not based on reason but on pseudoscience. Envious of the dominance of the “Sciences” in academia, some Historians adopt “scientific methods” in the study of History. As a result they betray reason. Social Scientists establish theories and search history for empirical proofs. As any “hypothesis” can be proven by this method, there is no reason in this “science”. Climate change devotees have taken a page form the playbook of the pretend scientists in the History Department. They concoct a claim, cherry pick evidence, and in the face of eleven years of cooling, claim that the globe is warming. Fanaticism and fear then doom the economies of the developed nations and damn the hopes of peoples just beginning to achieve the blessings of progress.

Only by reasonably seeking the truth can we be free of these lies.

III. Socialized Medicine

Let’s be reasonable. America cannot spend trillions of dollars to provide Health Care for those who will not pay for it without raising the taxes of those who work. While it is imperative to provide aid for those legitimately in need, we can draw reasonable lines to separate them from those who exploit. Politicians now intend to expropriate the product of those who labor to provide for the demands of those who will not. Their lies will garner the votes of the growing mass of non-producers; eager to trade other’s freedom for their ease. If the only penalty for not buying insurance when healthy is a modest fine, and insurance providers cannot deny those who have not paid when they come demanding coverage once they become ill, there will not be enough money in private programs to pay and taxes will have to cover the costs. To pretend otherwise is not reasonable. To pretend otherwise is not reasonable and will cost us our freedom.

Only by doing the godlike labor of reasoning will we find the truth, and save our freedom.


Lysis said...

As I said above, “It is so easy to be stupid!” So call Yemeni “imam” Anwar al Awlaki is praising Hasan for not wanting to fight against his own people. Hasan is an American and a solider, he murdered his own people. There is also a call for Muslims in the U. S. military to be removed from service so they will not have to fight against “their own”. This is so unreasonable and un-thought it can only be viewed as stupid. Most of the people in the world who fight against terrorists are Muslims. Most of the people murdered by terrorists are Muslims. It is the terrorists that are fighting against their own all around the world. To follow the lame advice of those who would remove Muslims form service in the War on Terror, one would have to remove the armies of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. This is the problem with religious fanatics, with all stupid people – they don’t reason.

Reach Upward said...

I heard an Israeli fellow on the radio yesterday talking about the valiant Muslims that are full fledged members of the Israeli Defense Forces. Apparently many of these are not required to serve, but they volunteer to do so. Muslim terrorists target these Muslim members of the IDF, considering them even worse than Israelis. Yet many of them serve with great distinction.

Lysis said...

There are many in Iran who are fighting and, yes, dieing for reason and the freedom that the truth brings.

Twon said...

We fight for freedom yes but so far we have 4,684 casualties how much more Americans are there going to be before there is peace and tranquility again. This reminds me of what my great grandfather said there will always going to be a war to fight no matter were you go or do. Also in my view they are having there civil war just as we did. Why must we intervene with that when we went through the same process.