Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The past few days I have had a chance to recall the “good old days”. Sunday, Trent Warner told me that his family is getting into archery. I recalled the time his split an arrow while shooting at the Loll archery range in 1987. I took a couple of pictures at the time, and am posting them here so he can show his kids how he and Robin Hood "used to do it".

Last night, Jody came for a visit and I recalled how he had rebuilt the pioneering area at Loll. The camp was actually on the verge of being closed down at the end of 1985. “We” came back in 86, and Jody arrived in 87. I recall the Council VP who was pushing to close the camp, walking past Jody’s pioneering class and commenting, "Well it's not so bad; when you get it cleaned up."

It is deeply gratifying to see how these good friends have grown from promising boys to magnificent men. Growing up is also an Art.

Trent Warner splits an arrow at the Camp Loll Range, 1987

Yeoman of the Bowmen

Jody rebuilds the Loll Pioneerning area in 1987. My sons, Shaun and Lafe have also grown up to be magnificent men.

Jody was pretty magnificent back then.

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