Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In Training

Many of the things we do at Loll are very difficult. Mastering the how to takes a lot of training and preparation; it is well worth the effort. Learning to do these things makes it possible for the staff to share with the scouts when they arrive.

A visit to Union Falls is a wonderful experience for a staffer or a scout. But the trail is long and hard, there are many chances to lose one's way, there are other dangers, and there are a host of Park Service policies to learn and obey. Thus the sixteen mile, day long training hike to Union Falls and Scout Pool are a must.

Justin and Lauren Hansen are among the great leaders who share their expertise and enthusiasm with the new recruits.

Mitch is an "old hand". This summer he will often be the Ranger on duty at Union.

Scout Pool is always a highlight of the hike. Eight points of safe swim defense in place, Justin shows us how it is done.

All too soon, the crew is on its way home. Much wiser and full of the confidence they will need to lead.

Another demanding Loll opportunity is rappelling and climbing at CHEYHO Basin.

You can't put a wall like this in a sports mall!

The entire staff goes for it. Our High Adventure/Climbing Director is teaching his staff how to give this demanding and confidence building experience to a summer full of eager adventurers. Here Nelson learns and trains others at the same time. Check out those great climbing shoes. Oh Nelson!

Here goes Peter.

Teaching others to climb and rappell can give you a chest to grow hair on.

Another important hike from Loll is to Survey Peak. This demanding hike is into the National Wilderness and requires a lot of specialized knowledge. In late June there is still plenty of snow. Once across the stream the crew must spread out and leave no trace, but they must keep in contact with each other at all times. Getting there is easy. The real challenge of Survey is getting home. Then you must know and trust your compass.

It's always best to have an experienced guide.

Check SpellingPhantom Falls when it is not a phantom. This over 200 foot rappel is available to Loll's In Camp High Adventure groups.

All the staff must be ready to guide a troop to Survey and back.

At the top of Phantom Falls, at the top of the world, where there is still plenty of snow as July begins.

Then there is the peak itself. Quinn leads the way.

Justin is our Marine Corps.

A swim check in Lake of the Woods is a wonderful experience, so much to learn.

At Loll it's always ladies first.

Like the Spartans, Loll women are as tough and as prepared as the men.

But can anyone ever really be prepared for this?

All one can do is get in,

and swim. Yes it hurts that much, this is how one grows strong, and learns what the scouts must also face.

Cory and Dan do it too.

Getting out is almost as hard as getting in but they can do it. Just ask Jon.

Ask any of them, once they have learned that they can.


Taylor said...

I'm living proof that teaching rappelling and climbing will put hair on your chest- I may have overdone it.

I can't wait until we see you August.

Lysis said...


You have always been an over-achiever. We all look forward to seeing you and your greatest achievement come Aug.

Thanks for reading and commenting here at the Agora.

Trent said...

Thanks again for letting me do an article. I will send a hard copy when it comes out, but the story is now online at ...


Keep up the good work and go Loll,

Trent Toone

Alisa said...

Oh, how I miss swimming in Lake of the Woods. I'm not joking here, I really miss it. I miss Loll. I hope the staff has so much fun this summer.

Lysis said...


I am the one who should thank you for the kind article. I enjoyed reading it on line very much - and look forward to the hard copy.

Thank you for letting more people konw about the joys of Scouting and of Camp Loll


We are having a wonderful summer; bitter sweet, as always, but full of good things. You can come to play in our guarden anytime you wish.

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