Friday, June 25, 2010

Midsummer's Night

For a Summer Camp, of course the most important holiday is Midsummer's Night. June 21st - check out the snow!

All the revelry centers around the Sacred King. Our Sacred King prepares to serve his people.

His clan stands by to receive his sacrifice.

The bonfire forms the living heart of the ceremony.

King Wes

As darkness falls, the dancers begin to circle the flames.

Round and round the flames the dance.

The kilts and woad pay reverence to our Celtic past.

The King and his Tanis sit upon their thrones awaiting the moment of truth. The truth is that service brings love, and love brings joy.

The flames grow higher.

The King joins the procession, borne on his throne of pine.

His tanis follows. Remember - there are always " two, two lily-white boys."

Our tanis was Mitch

Born on the shoulders of their grateful subjects.

There is plenty of singing, "Green Grow the Rushes Oh", "Soul Cake", and "Myra Myra Many Boats" and more.

It is a most savage celebration.

The "boys" prepare for the final sacrifice.

The people call for the miracle.

Wes adds the ashes of last years King to the fire.

King and tanis burn their crowns, symbolic of their gift.

The flames mingle past, present, and future.

He is the Once and Future King.

Watchers in the woods.

We seek the blessing of the summer.

The joy of service is the blessing we all seek.

And over all the Mother keeps watch.


Captain said...

I thought the earth was the mother

truth to power said...

You are all...weirdos! --Sam the Eagle

Lysis said...


She has three manifestations. The Goddess of the moon is one, and the lunar calendar very important to the rule of the King. It is the sun that is always a he-god.


Your probably right. Is there a problem?