Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Tough Swim Check

On June 19th, 2010 - The Camp Loll Water Front staff and some friends took their swim-checks.

You might think that a hundred yards is not so far to swim. The guys told me there was ice on the water, but I can't see it.

Of course the snow on the bank might intimidate some.

But not these guys. Some times I feel like bragging that they are tougher than your average camp staff, but then, doesn't that go without saying.

"A Tribe called the Sacae . . . have never been reduced to subjection . . . living in high mountain country, well-wooded and covered with snow. They are also formidable warriors." ("Thermopylae, The Battle for the West" by Ernle Bradford)

Some years ago I spoke with a Captain in the Marine Corps. A hero of the Battle of the Euphrates; he explained to me that he had faced many challenges as he progressed through his service in the Marines. He told me that he swam a mile in Lake of the Woods in 1986, and that not matter how difficult things got, he always reminded himself that however tough the challenge was, at least it wasn't as hard as swimming a mile in Lake of the Woods. Facing and overcoming the difficult makes us strong.


Reach Upward said...

It doesn't matter how many times I jump into Lake of the Woods, I feel like I'm never fully prepared for the bracing chill. Although I've been in the lake many times since I first did my swim check in 1973, I haven't been in it as early as the guys in this picture since 1979. And yes, 100 yards is a heck of a long way this early in the season.

Taylor said...

We are glad you all arrived safely, although is was quite the challenge! We wish we were there to join in all the fun. We are planning a visit August 10-11...regardless of our adventures here in China, what we look forward to most is seeing you then!