Monday, July 05, 2010

A Gift from the Wild

Camp Loll has received a wonderful gift from Dr. Richard Douglas Isbell of Idaho Fall. One of the most beautiful features of the Barlow-Wadman Lodge is the Jed Stringham Memorial Hall. It has many wonderful decorations provided over the years by friends of Camp Loll. Dr. Isbell's trophy elk and moose are a wonderful addition to the ambiance of this room.

The bull moose is the symbol of Camp Loll and is well suited to designate our fellowship.

Dr. Isbell's gift also included a fine young bull moose. He seems right at home next to the fire place.

This great bull elk now hangs over the office.

He is gigantic! We call him Mitch.

Two more fine elk heads now adorn the south wall of the dining hall.
This one is Joe.

Staff members claim they look like their namesakes.

This third beautiful mount awaits a namesake and a name.

Quite an addition to the snow shoes that were once the wall's only decoration.

He seems to look upon the flag with pride.

Camp Loll is very grateful for Dr. Isbell. Last week we had many scouts visit to check out these wild wonders.

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