Sunday, September 04, 2011


Painting the buildings at Loll is a never ending task. Fortunately for Loll, we have a painter's son on staff. Jody painted the entire lodge this summer, and on Labor Day Weekend took on the painting of the "new roof" on the Old Office, the Shower House and as many KYBOs as there was paint to cover.

The first thing was to put on a primer coat on the eves of the Old Cabin. This is how Jody spent Friday afternoon. By Saturday morning it would be ready for the finish coat.

Next came the beautiful coat of Kelly Green that is our "Camp Color".

When I asked for someone to go and help Jody, it was Justin Hansen who volunteered. The two spent the rest of the day painting. First they finished the trim on the Old Office.

Then put a new coat of Super Deck on the shower house. Before any paint could be applied the entire building had to be dusted, every inch swept and wiped.

The Jody and Justin spray on the cedar stain that will protect the structure for years to come.

Jody and Justin went on to use up the rest of the stain on the old Kybos. Next summer - all the other building in camp will be painted.

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