Sunday, September 04, 2011


Once we (I was involved) had gotten the bridge about as far as we could on Friday, Lynn and Scott turned their attention to the Gros Venture KYBO. The support beam running under the bottom log was cut by Jed Stringham back in the seventies (I was involved then too). It has finally rotted out and the building was on a precarious angle.

Here, Scott and Lynn make their plans. A word about the jack in the wheelbarrow. Jody bought it several years ago because we are constantly having to help scout leaders change their tires. It payed for itself this weekend - believe me.

This is a view of the collapsing wall. The under lying support runner - cut by a chain saw hand-mill Jed bought, is literally crushed by the weight of the KYBO and the winter snow.

You can see here how it is rotting out.

The building has smashed the rotting bottom log and pushed the wall down into it.

Jack goes to work. We lifted the building to the level.

While Jack held the KYBO we stuffed in boards.

This is only a temporary fix - hopefully enough to get the building through the winter, while we make plans and gather materials for a permanent fix next spring.

Wooden shims held things temporarily while we dug up something more substantial.

This cinder block rests on the concrete slab that holds the vent pipe. It will be seen if it can hold the tons of winter snow that will soon be on its way to Loll. I couldn't help but quote my dad, well more or less. He would have assessed the project with this witticism, "Like an ox with its butt sewed up with a logging chain. Not much for looks, but hell for stout."

Jed would be proud!


Reach Upward said...

Yes, the jack more than paid for itself over the work weekend. Long live Jack!

I remember Jed's chainsaw hand-mill. It would sure be nice to have that thing for some projects nowadays. said...

This will not have effect in reality, that is what I believe.