Sunday, September 04, 2011

Labor Day of Love

The Camp Loll Committee Chairman, Lynn Hinrichs, put out the call for a crew to come to camp for service projects over Labor Day weekend. I must admit, as the weekend approached, I was surprised at the number of people who reported their intention to attend. Janice, Francisco, Dan Mauchley, and I headed for camp at 5:00 AM Friday, Sept. 2. The Ormes and Jon Hollingshead and Bryce Jones had arrived at Loll late the night before. We stopped in Rexburg to load up on food supplies and were in Camp by 11:00. A steady stream of helping hands poured in through out the afternoon.

This is the crew we ended up with. What a wonderful group of highly talented and dedicated people.

Lynn and Scott Hinrich arrived shortly after Janice and I did, and we sat down for a planning session. I must admit, as Lynn went over the list of "To Do's" they seemed awfully ambitious: shore up the roof, fix the floor in the Rifle Range, paint the trim on the new roof of the "Old Office", store the bear boxes, and level the KYBO in Gros Venture.

By mid afternoon our wonderful and wonder working crew had assembled. In the posts that follow this, you will be able to follow the accomplishments of the Love inspired team, as they completed all this and more.

Here are a few pictures of some of our miracle workers:

Bryce and Kara Jones take a well deserved break between their acts of service. Bryce was up Thursday night and working from Friday morning. Kara didn't get into camp until about 1:00 AM on Saturday, now that's dedication.

Here are a few of our Camp Staffers warming up in the early morning. This crew arrived late Friday night, but went on to work the rest of the weekend. Nelsen Riches, Stephanie Dansie, Jake Dansie, and Taylor Pulver.

Dave Kirkham also showed up close to midnight on Friday, but he and his boys hit the ground running at day break on Saturday. This is Christopher and Nicholas.

On the trail between jobs. Kevin Hansen, Mike Bronson, and Jody Orme, across the back - Caleb Bronson down front.

NOTE: Check out the posts which will appear below to see each of the individual work projects.

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