Sunday, July 25, 2010

Random Shots #1, 2010

We have had so many adventures in 2010 and so little time to share them. I hope these few shots will give a taste.

Camp Loll Staff 2010

This boy came from India, then from Texas, to be at Camp Loll, he played for us in the wilderness.

He reminded me of the Archduke Peter in a favorite book of mine.

The harmony of the worlds.

Out on the swim dock.

Only problem is there is only one way back.

The camp-fire-bowl from the lake.
Yes, we do sail at Loll!

The Vital Spark

One of our two Cats.

When the wind is wonderful.

Oops! I know what it means when I say oops.

Soon we're back up again. We are our own Bay Watch.

Ya got to love it.

Lunch at Big Judds in Ashton Idaho. Go Dallin, go!
We have many wonderful hike destinations.

The 200 foot cliff at Phantom Falls.

Mitch and Scout Pool. Which is more beautiful? One was made by God, one made in God's image.

Union Falls.

Terraced Falls.

Grassy Lake Dam.

Tillery Lake Dam, made in 1937 of plywood and determination.
A road trip view.

This is why they call it Yellowstone.
The Rangers learning the trail.

Rangers at Ouzel Falls. This is the real Ouzel falls, there are some who miscall Scout Pool by this name. They are wrong.

Tayte in Ferris Hot Pool while on the Bechler Hike.

Dallin at Ferris.

We get many welcome guests at Loll.

The 4th of July brought the Browning Staff.

Emily and her friend Ben make mom and dad very happy.

This Christmas Harvey and Pat Mortensen visited their three grandsons who work at Loll. The rest of us too of course. It was Harvey, who as Scout Executive, hired me to be the director at Loll in 1986. There had never been a non-pro as Director of Loll. Thanks Harvey!!!

Former Staffers, Jason and Holly Dalpias and their kids, (left to right), Juniper, Denver, and McCall.

Wild things:

This robin has hatched her eggs on the post above the north door. They have done just fine, in spite of daily flag ceremonies.

Road trip Bison.

There is a big bear out there - on the trail to Union Falls.

My kind of wild creature.
My kind of bear (grass).
Merry Christmas!


Jodi said...

Looking forward to being there soon. And who is this handsome man with the lovely Emily?

Reach Upward said...

Thanks for posting these photos and thanks for the great week at camp. The staff was superb, as was just about everything else. How did you manage to order near perfect weather for the week?

My dream of swimming in Scout Pool and visiting Union Falls with my son this summer was fulfilled. (Even if I had to carry his pack for six miles.) I watched my son attack the rock and become the first scout of the week to complete the climbing merit badge.

On Thursday evening we had a great time at the Spruce Grove. Our scoutmaster pulled the troop out fairly early for the honor trail. It was amazing to watch these normally noisy boys walk silently back to the campsite without anyone prompting them to do so.

The scoutmaster then imparted some of his thoughts on the week as 24 others sat silently around the campfire. He then invited anyone that wished to tell what they felt about their week at camp.

When my son stood, he said, "This has pretty much been the best week of my life." He had a great week at Camp Bartlett last year. He's spent a number of nights with the family at Camp Loll over the years, since it is a very special place for us. But last week was the first time he spent a week at Loll among his own peers. And he loved it.

My son's comment made me realize how worthwhile it was for me to take a week of precious vacation to live in the dirt and sleep on the ground so that I could be part of his experience at Loll. It was worth every last insect bite and the frigid brain freeze of sitting in Polar Bear Springs.

Please convey my thanks to your staff. My son's cherished week could not have happened without their work and dedication. And, of course, it wouldn't have been the same without your direction of the staff. These words seem too paltry to express what I feel, but rest assured that your efforts are appreciated. said...

Wow, there's so much worthwhile information here!