Sunday, October 31, 2004



"God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians. "

Daniel 5: 25 - 28

These words were written by the finger of God on the wall of Belshazzar's palace, they serve as a warning to the rulers of America.

Tuesday's election is not a measure of George Bush's Presidency - it is a measure of the "rightful rulers of America," its people. We the People are the rulers of this country - as surely as Belshazzar ruled Babylon. We will bear the consequences of our choice.

I have listened with growing frustration to the direction in which the Kerry campaign has crumbled. Now Kerry's only line is that President Bush has failed in Iraq; misled in the War on Terror. Kerry drags our dead heroes through the "streets" of American cities and says their deaths are President Bush's fault; that President Bush has mistaken, misled, misjudged, mishandled. These heart-breaking deaths are not President Bush's fault. They are the terrible cost of freedom, the unavoidable cost of war fought against the Evil that would destroy the Good. If Kerry comes to be "Commander in Chief" soldiers will still die. What will Kerry do then? Whine, declare himself a failure, and surrender? That is what he did in 1971. Our nation cannot be lead to victory by a whining child who wants to win without sacrifice or take his ball and go home. The right will only prevail if we are led by an adult, one who will take the responsibility of doing difficult and often unpopular things and who has the courage and wisdom to follow through.

There was a placard at a recent Mike Moore-inspired Democrat rally against our President and the war he is leading us in, the war that we must fight to preserve our nation. It read, "Clinton Lied - No One Died". The sign itself is a lie and shows the fallacy of theDemocrat, the Relativist, position. Many died and Clinton still lies! What about those who died in Mogadishu? What about the deaths in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center? What about the Americans that died in Al Qaida bombed embassies in Africa? What about the sailors who died on the USS Cole? What about the defenselsess people murdered in Indonesia, Israel, and on and on and on? In each case people died and in each case Clinton lied. He lied to us by pretending to defend our nation while all that he was protecting was his own glory. His weakness placed our nation on the terrible slide toward 9/11. When Osama BinLaden sent his murderers into the air on that nightmare day, it was Clintonian cowardice that he expected to encounter. Bin Laden was so sure that Americans could not bear to see their own people die that he intended to defeat American with one act of un-imagined terror. How our enemies danced with joy at the fear and humiliation of We the People. But this time it was different; this time the nation was not lead by a liar, a coward, or a fool. President Bush said the War would come to them and for three years they have fought, not to terrorize our homeland, but to stay alive. They are losing that battle.

The War on Terror can be traced to Clinton's lies. Before Clinton, Carter lied to us. He told us that we were the evil ones, and abandoned strength in the name of "human rights." He promised us peace, but because of Carter's lie the power of evil in the form of Communism and Islamic Fanaticism spread like a plague. We the People choose Ronald Reagan and the nation was saved. And now another liar wants to lead America.

Kerry's lies are Satanic. "Choose me" he entices, "and I will solve all your porblems, there will be no sacrifice, only the miracle of my power. Give me your vote and I will make every thing perfect." Oh how tempting it sounds - how tempting to choose the path by which "not one will be lost." But such a promise is a lie from the beginning, and those who make them are only interested in their own glory.

We have talked a lot over the past few days about the fall of empires, the death of nations, and the fate of the Good and the Evil. Now America must choose. Belshazzar, ruler of Babylon, chose the way of decadence, he drank from the golden cups that his father had obtained but that Belshazzar would not make the sacrifice to keep. In a Democracy, a Democratic Republic, the majority must choose the right. If the majority chooses evil all are lost. It is not President Bush whom is being measured; he has faced his test and met it. He meets it day in and day out like the great man he is. We the People must choose; either to take up the heavy burden of sacrifice that agency demands or opt for the lie. If we choose "Evil", we too will be weighed in the balance and found wanting.


Aeneas said...

This post is dead on! Although the problems in the Middle East can ultimately be traced to Abraham's expulsion of Ishmael and his mother into the desert, out modern problems with the Islamo-Fascists can be directly traced to Democratic weakness over the past 1/4 century beginning with Carter. It has been up to the Republicans over this time to have to clean up Democratic messes by taking "real" action against those who would threaten the U.S. and our allies. It is specifically this reason that our enemies overseas prefer the Democratic Party over the Republican Part. The Democrates make America Weak and the Republicans make America Strong. With the Soviet Union gone, of course Europe wants a weak America, and therefore, John Kerry as President.

Rumpole said...

Aeneas' words are right to the point. I would only add some observations.

It is disturbing to me to watch those on the left struggle with the nature of the enemy. From Carter (where I agree the posture on defense of the Democratic Party changed) to the Clinton's and Kerry, the liberal mindset seems to be one of negotiation. Sure, Kerry has recently upped the rhetoric to tough talk about Bin Laden after he licked his finger and put it up to test the direction of the wind of political expiediency (see Silver Lining's comment on House Divided), but the only constant I have been able to detect in those winds of change is that the Democrats seem to believe that if we are kind, and if we chat about it, these problems will all go away.

As Aeneas articulated, the problem began with Abraham, and I will add that it is not going to go away with a simple chat. A clear choice will be presented on election day, and, as Lysis wrote, democracy requires responsibility. If the electorate turns from that responsibility, evil will triumph over good.

I do believe that Aeneas stopped short when he failed to suggest that Republican Administrations have not only had to clean up after the Democrats in matters of defense, but also have had to clean up the mess left by the Democrats on economic issues, and on matters of public policy (Though I don't think the Republican solutions on all these issues have been the best either).

Democrats continue relentless attacks on a seemingly struggling economy, an economy that was in a tailspin at the end of, and due to the actions of, the Clinton Administration, an economy that has been revived by the Bush Administration.

Democrats struggle with social issues, trying desparatly to hold together a base of special interest, while they suggest that the Republicans are the party doing the pandering.

We can all hope that the majority chooses the good on Election Day.

Draricul said...

Now Lysis, I realize how invigorating it is for someone to come on to your blog and attack you to the point of no return. Trust me, I would love to more than you may think. There is one problem however, I tend to agree with just about all of your comments. I have nothing to attack you with. So I'm afraid that if you don't start writing something that will offend me immensly, I wont be able to bring much joy to your life.
I'm going to have to say that my favorite comment from you so far was the one titled "Thank You Tom" I certainly hope he found the humor in it as well instead of just taking it offencive and therefore leaving. I guess he realized that if you fight with a pig you both get dirty, but the pig loves it! You know you love it Lysis. do I, so I can't complain much.
I'll be back soon, and hopefully with some arguments for you, or at least some for the other bloggers on here. We need some more contridicting opinions here to please anyone, right?

Hythloday said...

I am impressed with this outpouring of ideas, and the zeal with which truth is being sought. But I see in this argument a gross oversimplification. In medical terms when a body is infected there are various ways to describe the infection, it may either be accute or systemic. In this push for truth perhaps we can step back and examine the patient further before we diagnos an accute problem which may infact be systemic.

It is convient to place the blame onto Clinton or further back to Carter, or further back to Abraham. But there are problems inherent in these accusations:
we are placing the blame on one person (an accute infection) when infact the responsiblity lies somewhere else, somewhere that may not be a person or an event at all. However because the symptoms are manifest in conection or perhaps only in proxcimity of the individual we place to blame there. I think we are entirely wrong in this type of annlysis.

Not only are we misguided, but we are using the same tactic that the democrats have been using against President Bush.

Though we can easily see that the nation was in recession before Bush was President, and we can see that atrocities were commited before Bush was President. But in an attempt to trace the problem back further we are only finding that these problems existed before, before Clinton, before Carter, before Abraham.

Lest we become over zealous in our search for the source, for a scape goat, perhaps we can step back and reexamine the disease.

As Gandoff so eloquently put it, though I cannot quote him verbatim off hand. It is our part to uproot the evil in the fields we are in.

I would like to see how we can go about pulling our communities back together, raising support and awareness for those who daily set their lives in harms way. How can we start addressing the real problems that face us in our homes and in our neighborhoods? Regardless of who takes the vote tomorrrow, we will still carry that responsibility (and I hope we haven't given too much of our agency already to the hope that someone else can do our job for us).

I don't know if either of these canidates can do what we need to do for ourselves.

But there are things they can and must do for us, and tomorrow's decision is very important. I hope that good will triumph, and perhaps we will yet witness, as in the great charge from Helms Deep, where courage and strength lead us to see the dawn of a great day. But least we think the battle will end there, be assured that there is still a long road ahead. It is not Kerry that we will be free from, nor Clinton, nor Carter.

But what is it my friends, what is it that we must be free from?

Rumpole said...

Hythloday - what a thought provoking comment!

On Election Day if good prevails will the battle have ended? Will we have won the war? Will we be truely free?

What is this war? Is it WWIII? Is it the War on Terror? Or is it an internal war? In weakness allow me to attempt to answer.

It seems to me that the real battle taking place in not in Iraq; rather the battle is being waged at home between neighbors, house to house and city to city among the citizens of the greatest free nation to ever exist. But it is a battle being waged without swords or guns. It is an idealogical battle; it is a battle of opposing philosophies that over time cannot coexist.

What are the philosophies? In my mind the one suggests that by nature men can do for themselves, that men must do for themselves, in order to fulfill the measure of their creator. The other suggests that men are not capable of such lofty aspirations, and there are a select few that can care for the masses.

Is this battle of ideas accute or systemic? The very nature of the Constitution requires it to be systemic. As the Declaration of Independence states, "We the people". Some may say that the introduction of such an infection would be catastrophic! How could such an experiment survive?

It has survived for over 200 years. It has survived because it is brilliant; it is brilliant from the checks and balances it provides to a free election based on geography rather than popular vote.

But in my view it will not survive if the electorate turns to others for solutions.

Why do I support Bush over Kerry? Because of the two Bush is closer to that ideal.

I bask in the self-determination that I was fortunate enough to be born under.
The Afgans got a taste of the same thing and seem to want more. The Iraqi's appear willing to risk all for such and opportunity. America is still the beacon for all the world to see.

No matter who wins on Election Day we will not be completely free. But we can take a step . . . a step that can move us toward being free not FROM, but being free TO raise our families with our own ideals, while accepting and peacefully coexisting with others who have done the same with their ideals.

Silver Lining said...

Hythloday, I agree very much with your comments. Assigning blame isn't enough. That was one of my biggest frustrations with the 9/11 Commission.

I will note, however, that understanding the roots of a problem, aka problems stemming from Carter etc., can help us understand how to eliminate the problem.

Like you said, however, the biggest issue is what are we going to continue to do to fix problems and make the world better. I don't really think anyone who has posted on this particular statement would disagree with you on that.

I would also like to add for any interested, if you get a chance to pick up the Wall Street Journal, read Tommy Franks' oped piece. It is amazing to me the effective job John Kerry has done on misleading Americans about the whole Tora Bora thing.

I apologize for the choppiness of this comment. I really should take the time to offer more worth reading.

Medical Blog said...

The right will only prevail if we are led by an adult, one who will take the responsibility of doing difficult and often unpopular things and who has the courage and wisdom to follow through.