Thursday, November 04, 2004

At the Bottom of the Box

Pandora was the wife of Epimetheus, God of After Thought. He did not take precautions and Pandora ripped open his box. She let out all the evils bent on the destruction of man, but at the bottom of the box was HOPE. This campaign has been an ugly swarm of monsters, but there at the bottom of the box is HOPE!!! I think it will be OK to take some time here in the Agora, to reflect on and even to celebrate the HOPE of the election of 2004.

I will begin by prasing John Kerry. We all feared another Al Gore. I listened with dismay to John Edward's angry and divisive "concession" speech. Edwards was like an angry teenager whose team has lost the game calling his gang to gather behind the bleachers and "keep up the fight!" But John Kerry was noble in defeat. He, like Marie Antoinette, found his spark of inner greatness when everything else was lost. It will be ironic if Kerry's moment of greatness comes down to his concession speech. If John Kerry keeps his promise to support the War in Iraq, defeat may not be his only moment. I HOPE he will prove his words with actions.

I am proud of George Bush. He did not falter in his campaign. He has been the leader of our nation, not a candidate running for power. He did not blink at the attacks and misrepresentations that flew in his face. He was gracious in victory; offering HOPE to all Americans.

I am proud of the people of America. I admit I doubted; two Clinton victories had jaded me. The evil things that swarmed out of the box frightened me. I thank all those who worked so hard to fight these evils. How hard it must have been to defend our President as the beasts rushed at your faces. Thanks to those in California and Washington D.C. and in other places less sheltered than the Agora. Your courage was the "silver lining" in the dark cloud of attacks, the light of HOPE that always burned although buried. The HOPE was this , if the good people would vote they would choose the Good. America can now celebrate a sweeping victory of HOPE. President Bush amassed a clear majority in popular votes and a sizable lead in the Electoral College. Republicans now have greater strength in the House and Senate. The people made their choices because they have values; they recognize right and wrong. The relativists did not prevail; Daschle was dashed. Those who said that Americans would vote their pocket books, their fears, or their prejudices were mistaken. Those who counted on the ignorance of the people were defeated, those who questioned the wisdom of the people were given HOPE. This election was won on values not on personality; it was won by leadership not like ability. The people of our country did not want change - they wanted values; they can handle the truth. President Bush was reelected because of his succeses and because the people of America are smart enough to recognize them.

Although HOPE does "spring eternal", the evils from the box cannot be ignored. The clean wind of truth has swept them away, but we should not be too sure they have been dissolved. President Bush has reached out with HOPE to "all those who voted for his opponents." The opposition must reach out too. Democrats now must realize that Americans value values. They must now support American values to get votes, but will this support be false, a mask to cover their real intents. Democrats must be true to be trusted. Although John Kerry "did himself proud in defeat", the swarming vermin released from the box of this campaign still buzz with rage. We must look at those who were aligned against President Bush and observe them in defeat. Have they really changed to match America? Consider Mike Moore, whose lies inspire hate of America world wide and are quoted by Osama bin Laden. Note the foul mouthed Hollywood celebrities who mock and belittle without offering any constructive solutions to the problems they claim to see. Keep your eye on "", Bill Clinton, and Pee Diddy who called for votes without offering anything for them. Watch Dan Rather who broadcast lies to influence the campaign, and George Scoros who pumped $17 million into misinformation. Don't forget Teddy Kennedy who called our President a liar on the floor of the Senate and never presented one credible bit of evidence to support his accusations. Remember the "traditional media" whose shared exit "polls" combined to try and influence the election while America was still voting. Be ever mindful of the French and Germans who took hundreds of millions of dollars of bribes from Saddam to thwart the liberation of Iraq. Keep your eyes on the UN, also bribed and corrupted, inject itself into American politics in order to increase its power. In the light of our present HOPE we must not be blinded to the harms that still swarm.

At this moment, while we gaze on beautiful HOPE, those who sought power by being enemies of President Bush are now crouching down in consultation. For the moment they are too worried about each other to do too much harm. There is even the HOPE that they might have learned the lesson of this election and will come to the aid of America. But we must watch them carefully. Let us see how they react to judges appointed to protect the values they now pay lip service to, let us see how they support the troops that are fighting for the freedom they now claim to adore, let us observe how they spend their money and the currency of their words in spreading the truth. I am curious to see how bipartisan Nancy P. will be when she is called to consult at the White House. I want to know if the Democrats are more interested in their own success in 2008 than they are in America's success in the four years till then.

I missunderestimated America - there was the beautiful HOPE at the bottom of the filthy box. Let's reflect on the lessons of this campaign, celebrate the goodness of America, and keep our eyes on the evils still swarming about the world. We must not live by "After Thought", but with HOPE in and determination to protect the future.


Beef Jerky said...

I must admit it was awfully big of Kerry to back down and not pull an algore out of his large, unnatural nose on Wednesday. I sure do hope that HOPE can be attained in the four years that are ahead. I stayed up til 1:30 a.m. on election night hoping and praying that the vast majority of voting Americans would use their heads when casting their ballots. Guess Someone Upstairs was listening. I agree 100 percent with your comments on the ridiculous behavior of the Democratic National Party. I always have, since I sat in your Euro History class in 1998 and first learned of how corrupt the Clinton Administration was. I told Shaun that you, my dad and Rush Limbaugh have probably been my three greatest politcal influences. you know I think you're more conservative than you make yourself out to be. I hear you're now the advisor of the Young Republicans. Gosh, I sure wish you had been when I was in school! Oh well - I'll tell my little sister to join. Keep up the blogs - it's refreshing to read something that actually makes sense.

Dan Simpson said...

All of my hopes were confirmed this week. I was ecstatic to see Bush get the first majority of the American voters in 12 years. I was elated to see Tom Daschle lose everything he has connived so long to get.

But two of the things that made me the happiest were also two of the things that gave me the most hope. First, I loved the fact that though the candidate I voted for for governor lost, I was confident that the winner would be good for the state. But most importantly, I was beside myself with joy that the lies, dirt, filth, and slime that was the John Swallow campaign did not succeed. I have only voted for a Democrat twice before, but Matheson truly deserved my vote, (and incidentally, Alisa's first ever vote for a Democrat, it was quite an event).

I would have to say that my biggest hope for the next four years is that the Republican Party as a whole remembers their roots and severely cuts back on their spending.

Dan Simpson said...

Oh, and my second hope is that the Democratic Party pulls their head out and gets rid of Terry McAulliffe. I think that would do more for them than anything else.

Silver Lining said...

Dan, it depends on who they replace Terry McCaulife with. Right now the rumors are that Harold Ickes will take his place. Yikes.

I enjoyed reading Lysis' comments about Nancy Pelosi. I do have hope and realize that there are many on both sides of the political isle who are indeed willing to work together. She is one of the most unlikely though. My husband and I watched her on the Today Show this morning, and the first things out of her mouth were to reiterate all the "terrible" things Bush had done that needed to be remembered in spite of his reelection. Matt Lauer immediately commented on how unwilling to work "across the isle" that sounded. Bipartisanship is a good thing to be sure, and hope is even better. However, all of us from any political background would do well to realize there are some issues that the two parties won't agree on. That is why there are two parties. My joy is that the process worked and worked well and that we will be able to hope for more in the next 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Layton Lancer said...

If I'm not mistaken Pandora's weakness was her curiosity, other then that she was perfect. I'll continue the analogy of Pandora's box ... I love that Greek myth! I'm gonna compare Pandora and the box to, like Lysis, the election and the outcome of the election.

First off, I think Lysis over simplifies things to the point that I just want to scream and say "JUST TELL ME THE STORY AND LET ME FIGURE IT OUT FOR MYSELF!" But that's just my personality. (And I dare say that me saying that I dislike the way Lysis presents facts would greatly please him and his ego.) Pandora was sent to earth by the gods as a women with only one weakness, with her they sent the box that Lysis referred to, so that she would let loose all the evils into the world and stop man from getting caught up with the gods. She actually resisted the urge to open the box for a few months, or at least in the version I read. As soon as she opened up the box all this bad stuff came flying out, but the lid wouldn't close and so she had to sit back and feel guilty for opening it till it was done. She finally got the lid closed and left inside was "HOPE". Man was saved, and it was a woman who did it! (A SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE GREAT WOMEN!) That’s the story as I heard it ... and now I will continue with my comment.

I’m a feminist at heart, and so this isn’t a comment about the men running, necessarily, but rather the women behind them. I’m going to compare the gods to Mrs. Kerry, and Pandora to Mr. Kerry. The gods weren’t expecting hope to get caught in the box and save men from all kinds of tragedy, they just wanted to get and stay ahead of society. Like Mrs. Kerry, owning a ketchup company isn’t enough for her anymore, she also needs to be the first lady and rule her husband and thus the country. Mr. Kerry’s one biggest mistake was getting hooked up with such a woman like that, and Pandora’s was listening to the gods and allowing them to tell her what she was gonna do instead of not allowing the gods suggestiveness get to her. It’s called the self-fulfilling prophesy: You will do or become what you’re expected to consciously or unconsciously. But since John Kerry conceded humbly and without trouble, there’s hope for him. But his wife, there’s no hope for her, she’s already given it away!

Mr. Kerry understood that Mr. Bush holds the hope for the country in the end, to fight the evils. Mr. Bush recognizes his wife and listens to her, as we heard in one of the debates. It is because of the women behind these men that they’ve turned out the way they have.

This may or may not make sense .... but at least it does to me and I had to vent .... so there ya go Lysis. You asked for it, and I have to say .... just tell me what the story is and let me figure it out for myself, BEFORE you tell us your opinion. Cause I do much enjoy how you say things ... just not what you say all the time. (Just a suggestion!)

Medical Blog said...

I told Shaun that you, my dad and
Rush Limbaugh have probably been my
three greatest politcal influences.
you know I think you're more conservative
than you make yourself out to be.