Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The First Trip In - 2017

    On June 5th a Crew from Camp Loll attempted the first entry into Camp for the Summer of 2017.  Unfortunately winter had not yet left our beloved mountains.  The road is in great shape; we met the Forest Service crew clearing downed trees - they have done a great job.  However, as we started up the Calf Creek divide we ran into snow.  The road was impassible from the "pull out" about half way up coming in from the west.  On this west facing side of the mountain, there were bare spots in sun exposed sections, but the drifts that covered the road were deep, hard, and blocked the entire roadway in most places.  Once we reached the top, where the "Snow Pole" once stood, things became even more discouraging.  The entire road running down the north-east facing slope of Calf Creek Divide was deeply buried in snow.  The peaks of the drifts were up to four feet deep.  Here are some pictures:

This is the first drift we encountered.  It is just past where we parked the truck in the pull out to the south of the road.  You can see one vehicle has gone further up the road, but it was parked just past the end of the track plowing through the snow that you can see to the left of the picture.

Here is the road going up toward the Calf Creek Summit, (the snow pole).  You can see it is completely buried under two to three feet of hard snow.  The water was flowing out under the drifts and flowing off the road in the diversion ditches along the north side of the road. 

Yes, this is bear sign.  We are never alone in the woods!
Looking back down the road toward the west from the top of Calf Creek Divide.  Imagine trying to drive the cargo truck up this!  It gets worse!

The "far" side of the Calf Creek Divide.  Down the road a bit the road dives into even denser forest.  The snow will get even deeper.

The drifts looking toward the north-east. 

We hiked down the road to the place were the meadow opens up to the West.  Then started the trudge back up the hill.  You can see that wherever there is shade over the road the "drifts" are standing four feet deep. 

I am standing on top of the drift, the guys are standing on the surface of the road.  My feet are about level with their heads.

A little further up the hill, Chris stands on the road's edge, the snow, rising about him, buries the road.

Looking back down from the top - we prepare to head home.  The power to move this barrier to our summer home is in the hands of Mother Nature: warm winds, sunshine, and time.


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