Sunday, July 05, 2009

Random Pictures from the First of Camp 2009

This summer we had plenty of snow to deal with.
We lived in the lodge for a week before we could
start setting up tents. It was still wet and cold.

Ben Dansie took the lead.

Not all our crew live in tents. Our women folk
live in the 1937 era cabins. You can tell it was
still cold.

But the hardships have their rewards.
This is Terraced Falls, one of our many
beautiful hikes at about four miles from

The hike to Survey Peak in early summer provides
a chance to cross some snow. The peak is four miles
straight south of Camp Loll.

This hike too is worth it.

Phantom Falls only runs in the spring
and early summer, but it provides a
great rappell all summer long.

Eight miles from the trail head is Scout
Pool. Jason Bott shows how one enters
it in style.

Just over the ridge from Scout Pool is Union Falls.
Union is the second highest waterfall in Yellowstone.
Matt Bredthauer and Sawyer Wylie add to a
beautiful scene.

We have a Water Front and a Water
Front Director at Loll. Mike is on the
Left, Matt is one of his crew.

Kayaking on Lake of the Woods

Our new catamarran; thanks Shaun
and Joe. Loll has two sail boats and
two catamarrans

At Loll we always have flaming Indians.

Here are the chiefs of the Fellowship
for 2009.

Indian Dancers at the Highland Games.

By the way; the Loll women are so hot we do the
"Rain Clap."

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