Friday, July 24, 2009

Our 6th Week - Can You Believe it?

Staff Photo 2009

Yellowstone Lake - We have a beach.

Reagan on the beach at Lake.

Charlie too.

At the Dragon's Mouth.

A bigger buffalo!

At the Lower Falls

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

The Ormes at Canyon.

Lauren at Old Faithful. Lauren is the one up

My Marine Corps

In a Knotty Place.

Che Che passes to the new generation.

At the Chief's fire.

Come and wrestle with Modoman.

Joey and Ben blowing, Mike on look out.


Woods Women, foreign and domestic.

A friendly mermaid.

Dallin gets into the role of Polar Bear.

On the way to a mauling.

All the way!

He un-tripped.

The Rock Jock tries a new entrence.

"I am the man!"

Happy Highlanders.

Unhappy Highlander.

The Buck Stops Here!

What headlights?

Busy Day at the Waterfront


Taylor and Jodi said...

I love the rock jock entrance!

Lysis said...

So did I!!!