Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stooges and Patsies

Some villain murdered 32 people last week. This evil aberration deserves no more notoriety than a gas leak – no more to be named in the news or in the history books than the Crimean rat that carried flees into Medieval Europe.

But our media stooges – the idiots of NBC and all the parroting patsies of the press - have splashed his name and face, like an obscene smear all over our national consciousness. Whose goal was this? Who wanted to make this nothing – this passing stink – famous? He did. That was his only goal. He dressed in costume, recited his lines, performed in his own farce, and T.V. made him a superstar. How dumb can they get?

The mass murdering terrorist thugs, the 21st century plague, oozing like vermin out of the Muslim Middle East; seek to infect the West and defeat civilization. They are no more capable of defeating the American Military than they are of being loved for eternity by 72 virgins, but the patsies and stooges in American Politics have declared them winners. Whose goal was this? Who wanted to make this gust of bad air the wind of history? They did. That was their only goal. They murder like cowardly rats and sucking flees, and Harry Reid proclaims them victorious.

General Petraeus is forced to come before Congress to explain to the fools in the Democrat party, and some galactically stupid Republicans, how the United States of America is actually defeating the Islamo-thugs, and Nancy Pelosi – the pretending leader of the House of Representatives of the People of this nation - claims she doesn’t have time to listen to the truth. How dumb can they get?

But NBC – may its peacock die like the vermin infested pigeon it has become - and the Democratic Leadership have been witless accomplices of evil. Their blind appetite for ratings and votes has played into the hands of the infections that would kill and conquer.

I was blessed to spend some time this past week with some real heroes. Monday afternoon – before the mindless media had made a Darth Vader out of a slime mold, a real American Hero came to visit my classroom and my home. This Sergeant in the U.S. Army holds a Law degree, is a medic and trained in dealing with the horrific explosives and terror weapons to which Reid and Pelosi are ready to abandon civilization. He spoke with reasoned optimism of the growing effectiveness of the Iraqi Army and of the inevitability of victory against the terrorists; if our troops and their Iraqi allies are just left to do the job. I asked if Reid’s words had a negative effect on our soldiers. He said the main effect was the support they gave to our enemies. He told me that many people have asked why he joined the Army rather than pursue a career at law; his reply is that he wants to serve his country. Many who read here at the Agora know this great man. It is not the practice of this forum to use names, but his life is truly a celebration of what is right with America.

On Thursday evening I had the privilege to pick up another American Hero at the airport. A lawyer serving in the U. S. Coast Guard who has chosen to invest his infinite talents in the daily service of those of us who take for granted the prosperity and safety in which we live. He had traveled from his home to help coordinate state and federal efforts in improving the safety and operation of inland interstate waters. Many of us who read at the Agora know this great man; whose achievements and dedication to the service to his country are the real story of what makes American Victory against evil inevitable.

Friday morning, in the last moments before the first bell rang; I looked up to see two beautiful U. S. Marines in full uniform walk through my door. They too were former students whom I had had the privilege of teaching. Their faces and forms could justly fill our T. V. screens, the front pages and the magazine covers. They stayed for the first forty minutes of my Civics class to tell my students of their struggles and successes. I was so proud of my students, and the respect and honor they paid these heroes. During the course of the discussion the young PFC told how he was studying electronics and communication. He humbly implied that he was not always at the forefront of the battle. I was able to remind my students of that terrible storm that struck our forces as they fought their way up the Euphrates River Valley. How the media and the Democrats had predicted that the dust clouds and the wind would cripple and defeat the American Military; while Saddam’s hardened and desert savvy warriors would soon be picking the bones of America’s finest. Then I reminded them that it was the electronic communication and positioning ability of our military that made it more than a match for the dust that blinded and engulfed the vaunted terror troops of Saddam.

The young corporal spoke of the "endless" hours, days, weeks of training and the countless challenges he had endured to prepare him to be our defender. He was asked if he ever felt that the American people didn’t support his efforts. He recounted how one time, as he left his base in uniform, he was confronted by a crowd of sign wielding “protesters”. One of them actually spit on him. His wonderful response -- “Well, I’m glad you have the freedom to express your opinion.” As he recounted his heroism, he said that he was just a rifle man, that he wasn’t learning “anything” applicable in the real world. I was blessed with this opportunity to point out to my students that the lives of comfort we have in our world, our dreams and aspirations, are all the gift of those who serve in the real world. It is that line of rifles that defends America in the real world which makes our dream world possible.

As these young men stood before my class, my Principal came to give me some information. He is a Marine, and for a few minutes my great boss talked with our heroes and explained some facts about them to my students. I was and remain in awe of their service and excellence.

What a contrast these five; Solider, Coastguardsman, and three Marines present to the nothings made powerful by the stooges and patsies in the media and in the very halls of Congress.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Not Nice News

In the many events of the past week and the “News” stories about them – the one which seems most typical is the collapse of the “Duke Rape Case”. After over a year of slanderous attack by racists and media profiteers and a brutal political assault by one of the most dangerous anomalies in American Jurisprudence, a rogue prosecutor, three innocent men are left to pick up the savaged pieces of their lives. I hear there will be a 60 Minutes appearance, and no doubt there will be much talk generated among talking heads and blogers, but most will miss the point. An agenda driven politician can do great harm to a nation by overt lies and only the truth can stand against such tactics.

It is now obvious that Mike Nifong knew almost from the start that the three student athletes accused by the real criminal in this case, Crystal Gail Mangum, were innocent. It made no difference. Guilt or innocence, rape or racism were never the real motivators in this case. What was really at stake was political power. A multitude of power grubbers jumped in to feed on the carcass of Justice that Nifong’s slaughter of innocence had created. Professional racists like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton scrambled to be identified with Nifong’s lies. The membership challenged hate group – The Black Panthers – swore violence and mayhem in an attempt to garner gore, and even the professors at Duke University sought to rip off a chunk to bolster their “liberal” credentials, by canonizing with their signatures the lie that casts “white males” as the rapists of the universe.
Panthers, Politicians, Pundants, and Professors all refuse to apologize for their feeding frenzy.

Like a pack of hyenas the media turns to devour its own internals in an attack on Don I’m Ass, the so apply named, most recent victim of racial bias in America, and the lesson of the liars is lost on the witless American masses

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Thought for Easter

It is always interesting to hear the chorus of voices raised to claim that Mormons are NOT Christians. Last weekend I spent a good deal of time listening to LDS General Conference. Many of the speakers marshaled reason and faith to dispel this ludicrous claim, but several others seemed to go out of their way to support it.

I was dismayed that several of the speakers found it necessary to disparage the Nicene Creed. They talked very authoritatively about its “misbegotten” origin and its “errors”, but I was forced to wonder if the good brethren, who were so busy attacking this foundational doctrine of Christianity, had ever read it. That Mormons would try so hard to be accepted as “Christian” and then spend a good deal of the conference insisting that all other Christians are wrong in their understanding of God seems to be painfully self defeating.

Here is the Nicene Creed. Repeated readings have failed to reveal anything that contradicts Mormon Doctrine. If anyone can see a contradiction to the LDS articles of faith – which seem to be patterned to some extent after the creed – or to Scripture, please explain it to me.

The Nicene Creed

We believe in one God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible.

And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all worlds, God of God, Light of Light, Very God of Very God, begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father by whom all things were made; who for us men, and for our salvation, came down from heaven, and was incarnate by the Holy Spirit of the Virgin Mary, and was made man, and was crucified also for us under Pontius Pilate. He suffered and was buried, and the third day he rose again according to the Scriptures, and ascended into heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of the Father. And he shall come again with glory to judge both the quick and the dead, whose kingdom shall have no end.

And we believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life, who proceedeth from the Father (and the Son*) who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and glorified, who spoke by the prophets. And we believe one holy catholic and apostolic Church. We acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins. And we look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. Amen.

Change proposed 6/1999

In my salad days – The LDS Church used to present a parody of a sectarian minister teaching something about a God without body parts or passions, whose circumference is no were and center was everywhere, who was so large He filled the universe and yet was so small he can dwell in one’s heart. I have never found a religion which teaches that version of God, in fact, that Mormons no longer present the parody seems to indicate that Church leaders have also abandoned the notion.

As food for thought, in comparing Mormon beliefs to those outlined in the Nicene Creed consider these Scriptures from the “Standard Works”.

1st Nephi 13:41 [On God and Jesus being ONE God]

41 And they must come according to the words which shall be established by the mouth of the Lamb; and the words of the Lamb shall be made known in the records of thy seed, as well as in the records of the twelve apostles of the Lamb; wherefore they both shall be established in one; for there is one God and one Shepherd over all the earth.

From Mosiah 15: 1 – 5

AND now Abinadi said unto them; I would that ye should understand that God himself shall come down among the children of men, and shall redeem his people.

2 And because he dwelleth in flesh he shall be called the Son of God, and having subjected the flesh to the will of the Father, being the Father and the SON—

3 The Father, because he was conceived by the power of God; and the Son, because of the flesh; thus becoming the Father and Son—

4 And they are one God, yea, the very Eternal Father of heaven and of earth.

5 And thus the flesh becoming subject to the Spirit, or the Son to the Father, being one God, suffereth temptation, and yieldeth not to the temptation, but suffereth himself to be mocked, and scourged, and cast out, and disowned by his people.

2nd Nephi 31: 21

21 And now, behold, my beloved brethren, this is the way; and there is none other way nor name given under heaven whereby man can be saved in the kingdom of God. And now, behold, this is the doctrine of Christ, and the only and true doctrine of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, which is one God, without end. Amen

3rd Nephi 9: 15

15 Behold, I am Jesus Christ the Son of God, I created the heavens and the earth, and all things that in them are. I was with the Father from the beginning. I am in the Father, and the Father in me; and in me hath the Father glorified his name.

D&C 130: 22 [On the nature of the three manifestations of God – and His ability to live in our heart]

22 The Father has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s; the Son also; but the Holy Ghost has not a body of flesh and bones, but is a personage of Spirit. Were it not so, the Holy Ghost could not dwell in us.

Please also consider that the most sacred of all prayers and oaths– the ones that have truly saving power are offered in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. In this name of God were all Mormons baptized and promised all their eternal blessings.

It seems to me that the Mormon Church could make more headway in its effort to be an accepted Christian faith by carefully considering the Nicene Creed and pointing out to all who will listen that it is the very doctrine of the LDS faith. What stronger bona fideies could the Church display?

Sunday, April 01, 2007


I went to 300 for a second time this week. There is an image in the graphic novel showing Leonidas keeping watch over his people by moon light. It seemed a fitting form for the heavy burden our President must bear as champion of Truth, Justice, and the American Way!