Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stooges and Patsies

Some villain murdered 32 people last week. This evil aberration deserves no more notoriety than a gas leak – no more to be named in the news or in the history books than the Crimean rat that carried flees into Medieval Europe.

But our media stooges – the idiots of NBC and all the parroting patsies of the press - have splashed his name and face, like an obscene smear all over our national consciousness. Whose goal was this? Who wanted to make this nothing – this passing stink – famous? He did. That was his only goal. He dressed in costume, recited his lines, performed in his own farce, and T.V. made him a superstar. How dumb can they get?

The mass murdering terrorist thugs, the 21st century plague, oozing like vermin out of the Muslim Middle East; seek to infect the West and defeat civilization. They are no more capable of defeating the American Military than they are of being loved for eternity by 72 virgins, but the patsies and stooges in American Politics have declared them winners. Whose goal was this? Who wanted to make this gust of bad air the wind of history? They did. That was their only goal. They murder like cowardly rats and sucking flees, and Harry Reid proclaims them victorious.

General Petraeus is forced to come before Congress to explain to the fools in the Democrat party, and some galactically stupid Republicans, how the United States of America is actually defeating the Islamo-thugs, and Nancy Pelosi – the pretending leader of the House of Representatives of the People of this nation - claims she doesn’t have time to listen to the truth. How dumb can they get?

But NBC – may its peacock die like the vermin infested pigeon it has become - and the Democratic Leadership have been witless accomplices of evil. Their blind appetite for ratings and votes has played into the hands of the infections that would kill and conquer.

I was blessed to spend some time this past week with some real heroes. Monday afternoon – before the mindless media had made a Darth Vader out of a slime mold, a real American Hero came to visit my classroom and my home. This Sergeant in the U.S. Army holds a Law degree, is a medic and trained in dealing with the horrific explosives and terror weapons to which Reid and Pelosi are ready to abandon civilization. He spoke with reasoned optimism of the growing effectiveness of the Iraqi Army and of the inevitability of victory against the terrorists; if our troops and their Iraqi allies are just left to do the job. I asked if Reid’s words had a negative effect on our soldiers. He said the main effect was the support they gave to our enemies. He told me that many people have asked why he joined the Army rather than pursue a career at law; his reply is that he wants to serve his country. Many who read here at the Agora know this great man. It is not the practice of this forum to use names, but his life is truly a celebration of what is right with America.

On Thursday evening I had the privilege to pick up another American Hero at the airport. A lawyer serving in the U. S. Coast Guard who has chosen to invest his infinite talents in the daily service of those of us who take for granted the prosperity and safety in which we live. He had traveled from his home to help coordinate state and federal efforts in improving the safety and operation of inland interstate waters. Many of us who read at the Agora know this great man; whose achievements and dedication to the service to his country are the real story of what makes American Victory against evil inevitable.

Friday morning, in the last moments before the first bell rang; I looked up to see two beautiful U. S. Marines in full uniform walk through my door. They too were former students whom I had had the privilege of teaching. Their faces and forms could justly fill our T. V. screens, the front pages and the magazine covers. They stayed for the first forty minutes of my Civics class to tell my students of their struggles and successes. I was so proud of my students, and the respect and honor they paid these heroes. During the course of the discussion the young PFC told how he was studying electronics and communication. He humbly implied that he was not always at the forefront of the battle. I was able to remind my students of that terrible storm that struck our forces as they fought their way up the Euphrates River Valley. How the media and the Democrats had predicted that the dust clouds and the wind would cripple and defeat the American Military; while Saddam’s hardened and desert savvy warriors would soon be picking the bones of America’s finest. Then I reminded them that it was the electronic communication and positioning ability of our military that made it more than a match for the dust that blinded and engulfed the vaunted terror troops of Saddam.

The young corporal spoke of the "endless" hours, days, weeks of training and the countless challenges he had endured to prepare him to be our defender. He was asked if he ever felt that the American people didn’t support his efforts. He recounted how one time, as he left his base in uniform, he was confronted by a crowd of sign wielding “protesters”. One of them actually spit on him. His wonderful response -- “Well, I’m glad you have the freedom to express your opinion.” As he recounted his heroism, he said that he was just a rifle man, that he wasn’t learning “anything” applicable in the real world. I was blessed with this opportunity to point out to my students that the lives of comfort we have in our world, our dreams and aspirations, are all the gift of those who serve in the real world. It is that line of rifles that defends America in the real world which makes our dream world possible.

As these young men stood before my class, my Principal came to give me some information. He is a Marine, and for a few minutes my great boss talked with our heroes and explained some facts about them to my students. I was and remain in awe of their service and excellence.

What a contrast these five; Solider, Coastguardsman, and three Marines present to the nothings made powerful by the stooges and patsies in the media and in the very halls of Congress.


MindMechanic said...

We should by now have learned to expect nothing less from the left.

When I hear people like Harry Reid, I am simply disgusted. He states that the military mission in Iraq was over years ago and we won the war. OK Fine...I agree. But then he goes on today to claim that we fight a war that we are losing, that is in fact un-winable. So then ask the question...what war are we fighting? Is it not obvious that today we fight the war against extremists that use terror as their weapon? And the left wants to stop fighting that war? The left declares that war unwinable? What are the ramifications? OK win? We cant beat you?

The only way we lose the war on terror is by having cowards in positions of leadership that are unwilling and unable to fight the war. Unfortunately...thats precisely what we have leading the left.

Quit fighting the war? To what end?

When was the last time you heard leaders in this country surrender?

mostly just listening said...

I am more appaled by the fact that Senator Reid stated that if General Patreaus tells him there has been any progress in Iraq, he will not believe him.

Reach Upward said...

James Taranto (WSJ Editor) says Reid is a Latter-Day Copperhead.

Boy said...


Ganesh said...

Dumb question I'm sure, but has Reid given any evidence to support his claims or is he just going by what seems to be the standard left manifesto of talking out of the ass? I’m trying to stay optimistic that we haven’t elected imbeciles but I’m being sorely disappointed.

I agree with you on your statement about NBC and the VT incident Lysis. The only positive I see for this is that it might help gain traction for gun control reforms. Two less guns and this never would’ve happened.

One of my friends was quite disturbed after seeing the rant. It got me thinking about the whole situation and it occurred to me that VT was incredibly similar to what we are fighting in Iraq: terrorists—those who use violence and terror and target those who cannot defend themselves.

Lysis, thanks. You make a good point. The true heroes are the men out fighting the war, not the stooges who seek only appeasement and ignore the true problem.

Reach Upward said...

Boy, check your Civil War history. Or just check this Wikipedia article. Copperheads (named for the coins they wore as badges) were Northern Democrats that continually declared that the war was lost and demanded withdrawal of Union troops and a peace at any cost settlement with the Confederacy. They banded together with dissatisfied Republicans to give their candidate (McClellan) nearly 45% of the vote in the 1864 election. Thankfully for us, Lincoln doggedly pressed forward to win the unwinnable Civil War -- but at a very steep cost.

Anonymous said...

Cicero says;

I very much support the war and the troops, and thank God for a leader like Bush...however, it does not take much to look at the history books and see that the cards are staked against us in Viet...oops...I mean Iraq.

You cannot compare the current war to what Lincoln or any other President of the United States until Vietnam had led. Like Vietnam we are fighting an ideology. Like Vietnam we are fighting against cowards who do not care about human life. They care only about their ideals and power. We have men and women who follow rules of war and fight with a conscience; a moral conviction if you will.

SIMPSON said...

I don't mean to take this thread into a tangent, but this comment just screams to be refuted.

"The only positive I see for this is that it might help gain traction for gun control reforms. Two less guns and this never would’ve happened."

Give me one reason why 'gun control reform' would have stopped this crime. Show me one country who has banned private gun ownership that has had a drop in violent crime. Point to one example where making it illegal for those who follow the law to get a gun has made it so those who don't follow the law are kinder and gentler.

I'm sorry but this argument just doesn't make any sense at all. I ask you Ganesh, what laws do you think need to be in place, that are not, that would avert gun violence? I can point you to at least one other college that owes two Law school students who owned guns a big debt of gratitude for stopping a potentially horrific scene like the VT one. Happened in the spring of '02 right as I was applying for law schools.

Lysis said...

These are excellent points. One can only assume that Reid is unbelievably stupid and naïve – unfortunately, a description that fits many Americans. Any other explanation for his UNFOUNDED comments would equate to treason.


Perhaps we have been going about this all wrong. Rather than risking our troops in the field and sacrificing our heroes in battle, we should get Reid and Pelosi to pass a law making terrorism illegal.

MindMechanic said...

I suppose I can see some similarities to Viet Nam. Like Viet Nam, the politicians were quick to hamper the war effort and quick to call for defeat.

Like Viet Nam, the war on terror (similar to the war against the expansion of socialism) is a war that CAN NOT be lost.

But that is about the end of it.

We are not at war with Iraq. We ARE working with the Iraqi people (like after post WW2 Germany) to establish a country that we wont have to fight again. We ARE fighting terrorists IN Iraq...just as we are fighting them around the world.

You say we cant fight an ideology. I disagree. Terrorism is an ideology...terrorists use it to carry out their objectives. Defeat the terrorists.

However, when terrorists realize that if they cut off a few hundred heads and kill innocent unarmed civilians the leaders of the democrat party will wave the white flag of surrender, it emboldens them. Why shouldnt they continue...Harry Reid has now told them their strategy is working.

MindMechanic said...

Come now, Dan...Gun control is an EXTREMELEY effective means of controlling the masses. Just ask Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, and Hussein.

Automatic weapons are illegal to purchase in California...but it didnt stop two bank robbers from buying them illegally on the black market and shooting up a few dozen cops.

Heck, heroin is a banned substance too...and thank goodness...otherwise, we might have a drug problem in this country.

The point. Gun laws affect law abiding citizens. They do NOT affect criminals.

From personal experience, if there was but one less gun in the world (mine) my family might have been harmed by a man weilding a knife in Puyallup Washington. I might have lost my truck (or life) to a gunweilding kid in Tacoma Washington. And a 6 month pregnant woman might have been successfully dragged from her car window by 4 armed men.

Now...if it were for just one law abiding citizen carrying a concealed weapon on the campus of Virginia Tech, would the outcome have been different? Speculative...who knows. It didnt hurt to have an armed, licensed, law abiding citizen in Trolley Square two months ago.

Reach Upward said...

On the gun control issue, I refer you to this L.A. Times op-ed piece by James Q. Wilson that exposes the fallacy that banning guns would have prevented the Va. Tech massacre.

Apollo said...


Well said in the original post! I whole heartedly agree with you in this particular issue. One of my greatest respects for the military is that they fight for the freedom of those who oppose their cause here at the United States! I am shamed to stand next to people who say and do cowardly acts against the Armed Forces of this great country who wish to do nothing but complain! But I think it is important to remember:

It is not the critic who counts,nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows great enthusiasms, great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
- Theodore Roosevelt

In closing I would urge those who think that they "know" what is right and wrong to look deep inside themselves, for in the soul we can find the answers to life and the eternal principles of right.

We all have our opinions and we are entitled to those oppinions, what we are not entitled to do is to thrust these opinions upon others, we can only persuade. May we be persuaded every day to do right and, then in turn, persuade others to do likewise to the best of our abilities!

For what it's worth,


Ganesh said...

Alright, I admit upfront that my statement may have been premature and I may just be speaking emotionally. And Simpson, thank you for disputing my point. I am always happy to hear the other side of the debate, especially when it makes a much stronger case than I. That is one of the reasons I have started visiting the Agora.

Reach, thank you for the article. It is most informative and does seem remove any semblance of credence from any pro gun control position.

I note one clear distinction between the VT guns and the cases Mind Mechanic mentions: they were purchased LEGALLY, not from the black market. He went through the background checks and was found to be clean. As the facts on the situation have come out, a very disturbing picture is painted of this individual. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but he certainly didn’t seem to be mentally stable. If this sort of person could legally buy a gun, there seems to be a loophole in the system. I am unsure what should be done to close it. I hope that the incident may bring the loophole to the attention of those smarter and better informed than I, which is why I made my statement above. Possibly restrict anyone who has had recent negative psychiatric evaluations? The killer’s counselor reported that he was a danger to himself but not others, so I doubt if that sort of evaluation would be seen as a red flag. Plus, I am unsure if that would fall under right to privacy. Of course, as Reach’s article points out, they can simply have someone else purchase the weapon for them so I suppose this point isn’t really relevant.

I am curious though; does anyone happen to know the statistics for legally purchased guns versus those acquired illegally?

It seems I may have been proven wrong on the issue, though as Socrates said “The wise man is the man who admits he knows nothing.”

Lysis said...


Your comments on the courage of those who do what is right in the face of brutal and biased attacks is powerful. Our President is truly a great man, like Lincoln he bears so much for the good of us all.

I am sick and tired of people saying President Bush has made mistakes in Iraq. They NEVER say what mistakes he made. He allowed his field commanders to do as they thought best – he supported our military then and now. The hypocrites who now attack him have never given a legitimate alternative to the actions of the military or the President. Their clams are lies. They say they support the military but if anyone has failed it is the military – and they have not!

I am astonished to see that the Media are boosting up McCain again; the perpetual sacrificial lamb of the liberal media. His candidacy is an obscene joke. The lib Media simply put him up to weaken the Republicans.

MindMechanic said...


"they were purchased LEGALLY, not from the black market"

The you think the VaTech shooter would have been swayed by laws that prevented him from buying a handgun legally? I am sure you have seen his writings and his intent was obvious. If he couldnt buy the guns legally i suggest he would have bought them illegally. Or perhaps worse...he makes a few propane tank bombs and brings down the whole building.

The groups that support the second amendment have long called for mandatory minimum sentences for criminals that use firearms. We have long called for streamlined background checks and making background checks available to private citizens. We have long called for those that sell weapons on the black market to receive mandatory minimums. I belive those are REAL and effective anti crime tools. Not is the left that resists those laws.

Ganesh said...

Mind Mechanic, I am agreeing with you.

Mandatory sentences wouldn’t really help in VT though. The measures you suggest would help but they take effect somewhat after the fact. It doesn’t help to have a minimum sentence if the killer is suicidal. It would certainly dissuade anyone who intends on living though so it is certainly worth considering.

I think the improved background checks would also be a tremendous benefit; psychiatric evaluations in particular would be a great addition. The killer was diagnosed by the VT counseling department as unstable, which is something I would hope a good background check would find.

I think registering gun owners might also help. People could be dissuaded from loaning out their weapons to others, particularly people who are unstable or known criminals, if they understand that the weapon could be traced back to them.

I think theft of a weapon should also have similar penalties and minimum sentences as those you suggested for selling them illegally since it allows one to subvert purchasing laws in the same way a black market would.

Anonymous said...

From MM...(for some reason the Blog doesnt like my identity and password today...)


My opinion is that gun owner registration is a BAD thing. Historically...that has always been the first step to gun confiscation.

However...there IS a record of weapons purchased from gun stores and most weapons CAN be traced. The guns in the VaTech tragedy were easily traced. Makes you wonder why he filed down serial numbers but carried a receipt in the backpack.

MOST laws are reactive. mandatory minimum sentencing may not prevent a single other person from commiting a crime...but like the death has a very specific affect on the individual.

But as you say...NOTHING stops everything. When bad people set out to commit bad acts, often...they cant be stopped, certainly not by the police. I think WE are our own best and most likely means of protection.

I find it interesting the number of people that think that private citizens shouldnt own or carry firearms but have no problems with police officers carrying firearms. me crazy...but isnt the reason the police officers carry weapons because they have to deal with criminals? And dont those criminals tend to target CIVILIANS and not weapon carrying police officers?

I think the biggest problem is that politicians treat gun control and gun crime like they do every other a political tool. It really isnt about solving problems for is about pandering to your base.

Anonymous said...

If Harry Reid and the rest of the surrender now democrats says that we have lost the war on terror...who is it that has won? And is that REALLY a victory you want to hand someone?

Cameron said...

Gun owner registration- Doesn't anyone remember the movie "Red Dawn"? That's how the communists were able to round up the citizens with guns and quell rebellion. Luckily, Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen (Charlie Sheen!) were able to escape to the mountains with some rifles

Lysis said...

What I remember most about *Red Dawn* was that they killed the History Teacher in the first scene. And I also remember that it represented the mind set at the time - that the Soviet Union was pretty much invincible – capable of striking at will where it listed and that America was incapable of fighting a war anywhere but on its own turf. Isn’t it amazing that the same Democrat Party that was eager to abandon the world to the Communists is now willing to abandon it to the terrorists? Listening to Hillary promising to surrender in Iraq as soon as she is elected makes all of America’s enemies very happy.

I am beginning to think that the only way to save the future from the Muslim Fanatics ready to drag us all back to the DARK AGES is a constitutional amendment allowing President Bush a third term. I wonder if Hatch is listening.

Cameron said...

General Petraeus for President

Cameron said...

Lysis, any truth to the rumor that Patrick Swayze and his pals were "insurgents" and "freedom fighters" working against an imperialistic regime that was occupying their country?

SIMPSON said...

The biggest problem with Red Dawn was that in reality, if any foreign country invaded, they would go through San Francisco, not rural Texas. I have lived in rural Texas, met a man who had a cannon and made his own gunpowder.

A foreign country that invaded rural texas would lose.

SIMPSON said...

Especially Cuba.

I mean really, Cuba??!

MindMechanic said...


Not sure about the logisitics...but after San Fran is Oakland...and I dont see them getting through the gangs there.

Seriously...our military is awesome...our Guard is great...but our militia is probably this nations greatest defense.

Besides...didnt they also team up with Spain??? No offense...but I've trained with the Spanish military...

Cameron said...

The gangs would simply resort to "sectarian violence" in order to establish positions of power under the new regime.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the gangs would fight off the invaders. I think they would recognize how good they have it under this regime and resist communist rule.

I imagine at least a few gang members are smart enough to point out the difference between US laws and prisons and communist laws and prisons...

just a thought.

Lysis said...

And what is most wonderful here is that, either in the imaginary war of Red Dawn, or the real ones American has waged, the Real Freedom Fighters fight for Freedom.

It is offensive to hear terrorist thugs who fight to destroy freedom, choice, pluralism, Truth Justice and The American Way, called insurgents and freedom fighters. Far more important than how people fight is what they are fighting for!!!!

SIMPSON said...

The phrase "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" has always bothered me.

Calling an actual freedom fighter a terrorist, or calling a terrorist a freedom fighter doesn't change what the person is doing.

Anyone who targets civilians is commiting terrorist activities. Period. I would have more respect for the people fighting us in Iraq if there attacks were focused and directed at us. (They would still be the enemy, but at least they wouldn't be terrorists). But, as can be seen every day. Those who are fighting in Iraq are fairly indiscriminate. They don't care if they kill Police, Iraqi Army, our soldiers, or just the regular Joe Baghdad on the street. It is the blood, the terror, that they want. That makes them terrorists, no matter what they think they are fighting for.

Dan Simpson said...


Yeah, Oakland would probably produce some problems.

But they didn't team up with Spain, it was the U.S.S.R. and the Cubans. They cut the country in half and held the Midwest with U.S. forces on each coast.

Lysis said...

And what is most wonderful here is that, either in the imaginary war of Red Dawn, or the real ones American has waged, the Real Freedom Fighters fight for Freedom.

It is offensive to hear terrorist thugs who fight to destroy freedom, choice, pluralism, Truth Justice and The American Way, called insurgents and freedom fighters. Far more important than how people fight is what they are fighting for!!!!

MindMechanic said...

Its been awhile...I must have gotten my Spaniards and Cubans mixed up...

Which is even funnier, really...because how many in the Cuban army would defect as soon as the hit the US shores?

MindMechanic said...

At first glance, it is amazing that the media would call terrorists 'freedom fighters. But then...I stop and look at who drives the media, what mentality drives the media...and suddenly it all makes sense. Sell America down the river for power.

Anyone notice how the media has NEVER pointed out the connection to the immigration marches and the world communist party orgaizations?

Ever seen so many people to be so happy to be FROM their home country and yet express such pride, all in the same breath?

MindMechanic said...

This is who the retreat and surrender crowd are bowing to...

Sheik Ahmad Bahr, acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, declared during a Friday sermon at a Sudan mosque that America and Israel will be annihilated and called upon Allah to kill Jews and Americans "to the very Last One". Following are excerpts from the sermon that took place last month, courtesy of MEMRI.

Ahmad Bahr began: "You will be victorious" on the face of this planet. You are the masters of the world on the face of this planet. Yes, [the Koran says that] "you will be victorious," but only "if you are believers." Allah willing, "you will be victorious," while America and Israel will be annihilated. I guarantee you that the power of belief and faith is greater than the power of America and Israel. They are cowards, who are eager for life, while we are eager for death for the sake of Allah. That is why America's nose was rubbed in the mud in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, and everywhere.

Bahr continued and said that America will be annihilated, while Islam will remain. The Muslims "will be victorious, if you are believers." Oh Muslims, I guarantee you that the power of Allah is greater than America, by whom many are blinded today. Some people are blinded by the power of America. We say to them that with the might of Allah, with the might of His Messenger, and with the power of Allah, we are stronger than America and Israel.

The Hamas spokesperson concluded with a prayer, saying: "Oh Allah, vanquish the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them all, down to the very last one. Oh Allah, show them a day of darkness. Oh Allah, who sent down His Book, the mover of the clouds, who defeated the enemies of the Prophet defeat the Jews and the Americans, and bring us victory over them."

Anonymous said...

Dont look now...but muslims have established Sharia courts in England. This on the heels of the German judges excusing wife beatings and assaults because they should now better because after all...they are muslims...

Europe is fading fast...

Lysis said...

Mindmechanic and anonymous:

Thank you for the information. Reid and company can only have power in ignorance. When our enemies claim: “They [Americans] are cowards, who are eager for life, while we are eager for death for the sake of Allah. That is why America's nose was rubbed in the mud in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, and everywhere.” -it is painful to have their words validated by the Democrats running for President of the United States. Bill Clinton’s wife has just stated that George W. Bush is the only thing preventing the Islamic Terrorist’s victory in Iraq, (Standing in the way of withdrawal of U.S. troops).

How thankful the world will be for George Bush if it lives to remember him.

truth to power said...

"Bill Clinton's wife." I like the ring of that. I hereby propose that this be her official epithet in all future Agora postings. I'll try to stick to it in my personal conversations as well. Let's remember who she really is.