Friday, May 06, 2016

Kirkham Motor Sports - v - Grizzly Bears

The Battle of the Bear Box - May 6, 2016 - West Yellowstone Mt.

Team One - Doug and Nick - Wolf as back up.

Great news for all; as reported by the Discovery Center on May 9th; The Kirkham Bear Box - The Camp Loll Bear Box - "passed the tests with flying colors."

Sam - the 1000 lb. Alaska Costal Grizzly Bear.  He don't get no Bear Boxing

See a resemblance?

Ready for Action.

Roosevelt finds his foe.

Fight on.

Into the pond, but not in the box! 

New Bear an Alaskan Grizzly -  Kobuk the Destroyer.

Not so fast.

I'm out of here.

One more try.

If I can't take the box - I'll try a tree! He is biting chunks out of the tree!

One big push. "Told you I could do it. Now I'm headed in."

Round three - we're ready!!!

Grant on the attack - 2nd assault.

Well over an hour on the field - still can't get in.

Back in the pond - pile it on.

And out again.
Ah forget it. 

The box was with the bears for 5 hours - One hour and 47 min. direct contact.  No entry!