Sunday, September 20, 2015

Labor Day for Loll - 2015

Loll does not end when the last scout leaves the Camp - not even with the departure of the staff caravan the following Monday.   

That same Monday, our High Adventure Director - Wes Mathis, took seven Loll Staffers into the Tetons to learn the trail for next summer's Teton Crest High Adventure trek.  Jon and Christian led Jordan, Ben, Parker, Jayden, and Kurtis through the Beauty of the Mountains and gave them the ability to share it with those they will guide in 2016.  Thursday, Janice and I were in the Tetons ourselves to collect our crew.  Bringing them safely home brought pride in their service and a final sense of relief at getting everyone safely back to their families.

The Camp Loll Committee and Alumni Association have long been planning the Labor Day weekend trip to Loll.  Lynn Hinrich,  Loll's Committe Chairman, and Kara Jones of the Alumni Association joined the Camp Loll Staff in putting together a great four days of service.

 One on-going challenge for our Lodge at Loll has been the hot-water-heater vent.  Every winter the snow and ice rip off the vent.  A series of cutting blades and reinforced bunkers have all failed.  This year, our Architect in Chief, has come up with the solution - moving the vent from the top of the roof to a safe hold on the side of the Lodge.

I was off pumping KYBOs when they did it but Lynn and Scott got the vent in, thirty feet up the lodge like magic.

Meanwhile the crew turned its attention to the "Girls Cabin" the old Kitchen and Dining Hall.  Left to right - Russell, Chris, Justin, and Geoffery, join others in removing the damaged ridge line and replacing it with a beautiful new aluminum cap designed and crafted by Chris and produced at Kirkham Moters.

Eric is installing on the roof while Doug and Dave do the heavy lifting.

 Russell holds the safety line.  In front of Russell we see Lynn's second great effort of the weekend.  Bracing for the "Girl's Cabin".  The battle against the snow goes on.  Loll will survive thanks to the love and labor of those who have served it so long and so well. 

While Dave, Lynn and company were capping and bracing the building,  and Klyn was off dumping the "first load", Jody organized a massive painting project.  Russel and Justin helped sweep all three cabins and they were sprayed with a coat of Super Deck.  Here is the Danger Lodge with it's new "skin". 

Mean while a group of the service crew - including Janice and myself cleaned the bridges, sweeping them and digging the dirt build-up out of all the cracks between the the panks.  Then Russell, Justin and Jody sprayed down the bridges.  The one above is the Blackfoot Bridge.

Here is the bridge between Crow and Piute.

This summer, with the help of a very kind and skilled Scout Master, (he split the logs with a chainsaw) the Camp Loll Staff and the ACE participants built a new bridge on the way to the waterfront.  It also got a cleaning and a coat of super deck.

Here is a close-up showing not only the half cut logs, but the "French Drain" put under it to keep the water off the trail.
Without question, one of the most important projects of the Labor Day weekend was pumping the KYBOs.  Our great friend and hero - Klyn Josephson - drove his truck around the entire camp.  All eight KYBOs and the Lodge Septic were pumped.  Klynn took his 2300 gallon tank, "Bung Full" to the Rexburg Lagoon three times.  Here, he and Geoffery run the pump.

While Klynn ran the pump, Justin, Russell, and a crew of young staffers - Dallis, Jordan, Aaron, and Spencer - packed the KYBOs with barrels and bear boxes, put all the trail logs back in place and winterized the lodge.  Kara, Julie, and Janice made the wonderful meals we all shared, and hundreds of other acts of service were provided.

After Klynn had sucked the last bit of "pancake" out of the Lodge septic, we all headed home,  leaving the camp in the care of several generations of Grovers.  Always a good thing.  The road construction was to begin on Tuesday.  The leaves were just begining to turn.  It is so beautiful there now!!  Above some of our great helpers and friends stand by the side of Indian Lake - the lilly pads are just turning gold.   By the way, it was Jordan's birthday.