Sunday, June 07, 2015

First Trip to Loll - 2015

Gibson Medow in bloom

We lost the vent on the roof of the lodge, again!

The road was in good shape, but here, at the entrence to Camp, some work to do.

Still some snow in camp.

Andrew Crookston in the woods.

At the Rifle Range.

More Snow.

North Bridge in great shape.

Pipe cover in place - good water!

Big tree down in Camp Navajo.

Snow in the trees, north facing slope.

South Bridge looks great.

Stage look great.  Thanks Hansen cousins.

The Campfire Bowl in great shape, thanks David, Jody and crew.

A loon on Lake of the Woods.

Antoher "loon" Nick Kirkham, on the Lake,
and in the Lake.
Woodpecker hole in the lodge rail.

Chris Kirkham with Big Jud.

We'll call it a draw.

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