Sunday, November 09, 2014

Little Bear

We had a bear in camp this past summer.  I had several encounters with him.  Fortunately he was a little bear.  I believe he has had enough of me.  One rainy afternoon, I trudged out to meet him for the third time - bear spray in hand.  I fought my way through the undergrowth and scrambling through the gullies about fifty yards above the trail to Polar Bear.  We came face to face.  He took a good look at me and bounded off over the south ridge. Just the response I was hoping for.

He has been much on my mind.  I just finished painting this picture of him. 

I also wrote a poem concerning him and the dangers he represents - or - if you prefer, the dangers he faces, if either the camp or the bear fail to learn and obey the rules.

From dark dangers Rules keep us free,

While Virtue gives Reason to our Faith.

 Little Bear  was accepted at the Petite Impressions art show at the Eccles Community Art Center.  He will be on exhibit along with a lot of other works by other folks starting this weekend. 


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