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Obama's Legacy?

This past week I had the opportunity to debate Dr.  Julander, Political Science from Weber State University.  We spoke in front of a full house of Layton High Students in the school's library.  What follows is my opening statement together with a few notes and a rebuttal which I did not get to give at the time.  We ate up the hour in a flash.  Dr. Julander is a brilliant and elegant man of great quality and it was my pleaser to learn from him.  I apologize that I cannot give his comments - they were powerful.  However, I believe I held my own and I maintain what follows to be a reasonable prediction.  I stress that one's legacy is not just "how one will be viewed by the masses in the future,  bit rather the actual impact of their being.

It is my privilege to speak to you today, and especially to have this chance to debate Professor Julander.  I am in awe of his abilities, accomplishments, and his legacy. 

A story out of my own life:

Water damage from a leaking roof caused damage to the bricks of our front porch.  We hired a contractor who promised clean the stained bricks and protect them from further deterioration. 

We watched him with hope as he scoured the bricks with acid and then sprayed them with an expensive water based sealant.  After great cost, the bricks looked worse – much worse! I called my lawyer and wrote a very nasty letter to the better business bureau.

Six painful years ago Barak Obama promised to fix our nation and the world – he has made it worse – much worse – and this will be his legacy. 

I will organize Obama’s disappointments and disasters under 3 headings: Domestic Policy, Foreign Policy, and Miscellaneous bungles:

Domestic Policy

1. Obama Care – lies and failure.  You can keep your policy – LIE, You can keep your Dr. – LIE, The average family will save $2,500 a year – LIE, less than one trillion $ price tag – LIE [It’s going over 2 trillion!!] 7.1 mil now signed up – LIE.   When the bill was passed 43 million Americans did not have coverage, six million have lost their health care due to Obama Care so even if 7 million have signed up, there are still 42 million Americans without healthcare.  His legacy legislation a failure, he made things worse. 

2. National Debt – When Obama came to office it was 10. 626 trillion dollars –now it is 17.555 trillion. Such an obscenity is “unpatriotic”!!

3. Unemployment –  today, if calculated as it was when Obama came to office, is 12.5%; up from 8.7%.  Many more are now part-time workers and wages have stagnated.  Failure!! – He made things worse.

4. Obama has locked up our nations resources.  If we were allowed to access our nation’s oil and gas supplies we could be exporting energy to China and the world.  China would be our best friend, buying energy from us not Iran!!!  We would be rich on the trade, with lower energy prices at home.  Obama’s politically driven agenda robs us of wealth and puts us in danger.

5. Obama has abandoned the Space Program.  What would John Kennedy say if he knew that his country was forced to buy rides into space from the Russians, at $71 million a whack?  We have lost all the precious discoveries and scientific advances of being on the cutting edge of space exploration and are paying the Russians to develop those untold treasure for themselves.

Other failures include: increasing crime rate, crumbling infrastructure, rising taxes, ballooning trade deficit, burgeoning government regulations, denigrating race relations, legalized marijuana, 100+ million abortions per annum , failed immigration policy, 30% increase in food stamp dependency, and much more.

Foreign Policy

The legacy moment of Obama’s foreign policy debacle will be his whispered promise to Medvedev, the pretend President of Russia, that he would be more free [to kowtow to Russia] once re-elected. 

His naïveté about the real dangers of the world were demonstrated during his second run for president when he insisted that Russia was no longer a danger. Neville Chamberlin was never such a fool.

A list of Obama’s Failures in foreign policies:

1. He lost the peace in Iraq – turning our ally in the gulf over to Iranian dominance.

2. China is grabbing territory from Japan while backing Iran in the UN and perpetrating  genocide in Tibet.

3. Obama drew a red line on the use of chemical weapons.  Syria’s dictator crossed it when Assad had only killed 70 thousand of his own people.  Now that the number of dead has reach 140 K, Obama remains impotent.  His bogus ultimatum made America weak in the eyes of the world and put us all in danger.  Churchill would call him the boneless wonder!  So will History!!

3. Last November, Sec. of State John Kerry, announced the U. S. would abandon the Monroe Doctrine, practically inviting Russian and Chinese military into Cuba and Venezuela.  Once more John Kenney is spinning in his tomb.

4. Having sold out our allies by unilaterally canceling the missile defense shield for Eastern Europe, to curry favor with the Russians, Obama stood by impotent as Putin gobbled up the Crimea in violation of treaties and our promises of protection.  Now America stands helpless as Russia gulps down its neighbors in a fashion that would make Hitler blush. 

5. As Obama’s feckless Secretary Sec of State, John Kerry flees the Middle East, leaving Israel and the Palestinians teetering on the edge of war, Obama turns dominance of that part of the world over to the Iranian monster state, weeks away for an atomic bomb. Iranian mullahs  continue to abuse its people while using Chinese oil money to arm terrorists throughout the world, undermine the democracy in Iraq, support Assad and fund the Taliban in Afghanistan; where Obama has announced the date certain of our surrender. Our enemies are joyous; our few remaining friends are in dismay. 

Such foreign policy failures will be Obama’s legacy.

Other memorable debacles:

1. North Korea fires missiles toward Japan and builds miniature nuclear bombs.

2.  Obama’s ATF runs guns to Mexican drug dealers and covers up the murders.

3. Al Qaeda in Libyan murdered four Americans including our Ambassador.  Obama covered up the terrorist attack for political reasons. Believe me “it matters” a lot to Americans and to Obama’s legacy.

4. Obama’s flunkies at the IRS target free speech for political reasons.

5. Obama uses the NSA to spy on every citizen as if there were no bill of rights.

6. Obama makes plans to hand over the Internet to America’s enemies.

7. Obama shows contempt for the Constitution and for separation of powers with his pen and his phone.

  Obama’s legacy will be one of shame, and unless these catastrophes are reversed, Obama’s legacy may well be the beginning of the Decline and Fall of America.  He has made our country worse; we must call the lawyers and write a very angry letter to History.
Here follow two arguments I was able to present during our discussion:

 *Obama is already unwelcome on the campaign trail of Democrats.

** “On Claims that Bush (or other past presidents also failed) It is like the “Blade Runner Killer” in South Africa claiming justification for shooting his wife while she was sitting on the toilet by pointing out that Othello also killed his wife.  Or my contractor, after pocketing thousands of my dollars excusing his failure by saying, “he only did a little more damage than the leaking roof.”

A Bit of Rebuttal

1. On the claim that “Republicans fought Social Security and Social Security turned out to be wonderful so now Republicans will be wrong on Obama Care”:

a) Consider that Social Security is headed for collapse, partly because Democrats stole the funds to by stuff, rather than investing them to make a profit.  Our country cannot afford it and will either have to modify it or drop it all together before most young Americans can benefit from it. 

b) Do people really think that the government taking a big chunk out of every paycheck and giving it to other people just because they are old is a good idea?

c) The claim that Republicans were “wrong on Social Security” and therefore their opposition to Obama Care is wrong is the logical fallacy of False Analogy.   Let me point out some other Democrat Party supported programs opposed by the Republicans – Slavery and Jim Crow.  Aren’t we glad they didn’t work out!

2. On the claim that Social Security worked out well [People investing their own money in the stock market or other investment programs would probably have worked out better.] therefore Obama Care will also be wonderful in two years – is another false analogy.  It’s like saying, “Gee, World War II worked out great; so let’s all go to Viet Nam.”

3. Of the 29 “disasters and disappointments” presented as proof of President Obama’s negative legacy; the only one discussed, and that in no way conclusively, was on Obama Care.  Not much on which to hang any hope for a positive legacy.


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