Sunday, June 09, 2013

Back to Camp Loll, Happy Land

On Saturday, June 8th, Leonard, Jody, Charlie, Justin and I set out to check out snow conditions on the road to Camp Loll.  We drove right in.  We found Camp just waking up.  The snow blanket still covering much of the forest and new life just waking up for the summer.  Here are a few pictures of Loll as we found it.
This bear sign was on the road just past the Loon Lake turn off.  Leonard's hand gives up perspective.
The snow bank on the parade ground.  The Lodge was just as we left it.

The view out my window

Trail to the Landing

This is what it looks like in Staff Village.
More Staff Village - set up ready!


 On the trail past Apache

 North facing slope above Hopi
Cheyenne KYBO
  Summer is coming!!!!