Sunday, October 17, 2010

U of U Book Show - You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover

I consistently enter Art Shows. Their sponsors love my application fees but have never seemed very interested in my "Art". I have made quite a collection of rejection notices; all dutifully displayed on my class room wall at school. So, you might imagine the pleasure I got from this e-mail.

This past Thursday several of us visited the exhibit. Below are some photos from our trip.

Here you see the beautiful display hall. It is in the center of the University Library; just in front of the Rare Books Department.

I am excited to have my work included among so many interesting books. The definition of "book" is rather expansive here.

This cover is impressive - I didn't get a peek inside.

The cover of one book in this case is made of deer hide - hair and all. The second book appeares to be a well boxed deck of interesting cards.

Some of you may recognize "Very Basic Art Lessons". I have been told that the judges were impressed by "what is inside". This is as it should be with a book. The other book in this case is a series of photos of manhole covers from throughout the the city, cut round.

The exhibition choose to display the page on "how to draw a scull". One of my favorites, full of rules and truth.

It is gratifying to see ones name in such an interesting display. I am very honored.


Captain said...

Congratulations Pa

Taylor said...

That's wonderful! congratulations. I have long loved your art. said...

Hey, there's so much useful material above!