Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Old Bridge Gone

Jody and Lafe and their families stayed at Camp Loll after all the rest of us had left. They were not idle. The took out the old bridge, no easy task for two men and a boy. That would be Jody, Lafe, and Reagan.

Once the runners were pulled up the real work began. Here Jody contemplates the challenge of moving the great logs and the beams that supported them.

These logs were nothing to sneeze at.

This was a chance for Lafe to use the chainsaw. Won't that be fun.

Abram is like his grandpa - very good at supervising. The beam that Jody is lifting here was once a log in the wall of one of the old KYBO's. Steve Johnson told us how the staff cut them from the forest and took them to the saw mill in Ashton to be quarter cut for the cabins.

The biggest logs were made manageable by determination, hard work, and a chainsaw.

The last bit hauled away.

Now nature will take its course. Soon the lush vegetation of Loll Marsh will cover the scars and surround the new bridge in nature's beauty.


Reach Upward said...

Great work.

Quinn said...

looks like they had a great time, i feel a bit envious.

Anonymous said...

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