Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alumni 2010

August 7th was the third annual Camp Loll Staff Alumni Reunion. Here is the crew that attended, portrayed in four chunks.

The night before, Brian Preece drove seven hours to finish off the beautiful Donna Hutchins Memorial. What a wonderful gift to Loll from Brian and Donna's family.

We had a wide variety of families. Here is Mike Hopper and his sons and daughter.

This is Colton Hill with his mom and dad.

Down at the Waterfront, family and friends enjoy the day of open program and adventures. The ranges and climbing walls were open as well. 2010's staff enjoyed the opportunity to entertain those who lay the foundation for our many successes here at Loll.

All our sailboats were up and running.

Ben Denzer and Emily Conner enjoyed a swim.

Former staffers Jason Bott and John Ericson also took the plunge.

Rob Hinrichs and his mom enjoy the waterfront without getting wet.

This is Jonny and Alesha Taylor and their son, Truman.

Russ Rampton and his boy.

At the archery range Mike Bronson and his son sample the pleasures of Loll.

Here is Julie and Jody Orme and their youngest, Justin.

More Bronsons at the Archery Range.

Grandpa Conner got to take his grandson Rowan to the ranges. Bryon and Gina were hiking to Union Falls. Here Rowan (Locksley) Conner contemplates his first shot ever with a bow.

Rowan checks out the arrows.

First shot with some kind guidance from staff member, Nate Vaughn.

Josh and David Barton with their comrad from China.

Dave and Missy Reed, and the Lowe brothers with their families.

Tyler Wangsgard and family.

Tyler's family includes Grandpa Gil.

Grandpa Conner also took Rowan to the Rifle Range.

Here, Rowan discovered his "new favorite sport"!

Mike and Jolene Stevens at the Range. Mike is always in the dime club.

Cara Hollingshead Jones and her husband and daughter.

Evening brought us all out to flag ceremony. The 2010 staff started off the show with a round of songs including all four verses of our National Anthem. Then we called down the staff by year. I was the most senior this year, 1977 - but Scott Hinrichs was a close second, from 1978.

It was a grand procession by the time we reached 2009.

Our 2010 Staff did a great job with the Flag Ceremony.

Then it was off to the Campfire Bowl. The Flaming Indians were waiting.

The Impression Brothers lit the fire with Flint and Steel.

They impersonated rain drops.

Bryon Conner with my grandson Oliver.

A wonderful treat, and hopful sign, an eagle flew over the Campfire Bowl just in time for the singing of "America America". The Roman Historian in me was particularly excited.

The evening ended with the retirement of this Ragged Old Flag.

The next morning we returned to the Firebowl for Scouts' Own and the LDS Sacrament. Here Leonard leads the prelude.

Michelangelo may have done the Pope's chapel - but our artist is better.

Scott Hinrich was one of several Alumni to adress the congregation. He gave a wonderful poem. I hope to see it here at the Agora.
James Coburn, once Chaplin at Loll, also spoke.

After church we all had a wonderful lunch in the Lodge and then the crew got down to preparing for our last week of scouts for 2010.
We hope that more of our alumni will be able to attend the next Camp Loll alumni reunion on the first Saturday in August, August 6, 2011.


Reach Upward said...

Here's the poem, called 'Round the Lake of the Woods:

Those glorious days ‘round the Lake of the Woods,
We frolicked, we toiled, and sang.
The woods nearby heard the loon’s cry
And with the echoes of young voices rang.

The clear starry night and the thunderstorm
Are things of beauty that I’ve loved,
With the deer’s casual canter,
The chipmunk’s fierce banter,
And the eagle’s flight above.

Oh, the games that we played,
The songs that we sang,
And the service with steadfast friend
Will glow in my soul as the campfire’s last coal
When we joined hands and sang at the end.

But summer’s now past,
I’m back in the city
And life goes on as it should.
Still, my heart often wanders
To those glorious days
‘Round the Lake of the Woods.

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