Thursday, October 22, 2009

Very Basic Art Lessons - Introduction and Biography – A Line Drawing

I believe men are, by nature, capable of recognizing the truth and loving it. I have faith that the true, the beautiful, and the good are one; men are, by nature, lovers of beauty. .
I long to possess beauty, to acquire it, collect it, to hold it in my hands. As a boy, I loved to hold my father’s fly tying feathers; I collected rocks and kept them wet to show their colors. I collected coins, stamps, butterflies, books, and I picked flowers. I hunted so I could hold beautiful creatures in my hands.

I desire to look at beauty: sunsets, stars, and the sea. I saw the northern lights when I was a boy. I stare at Mountains and I esteem the human form, the image of God. I visited an art gallery for the first time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I was in ah of the beauty of objects made by craft. One fall, a lonely student at the U of U, I spent hour after hour in the library’s art book room, adoring art.

I hope to create beauty. In first grade I drew pictures of fish, black and brown. I kept them simple.

In the forth grade I drew a reindeer for a Christmas bulletin board. I thought it very good, but my class mates and my teacher complained I had only given it two legs. Couldn’t they see that the others just behind?

In the eighth grade, I took an art class from Miss Thorn. She had taught with my mother, who called her Pricker. She loved art but my Math teacher scolded for drawing. He was, “aware of all those pictures". I read Ernest Thompson Seton’s books and started to sketch.

Knowing I needed to be trained, I took drawing at BYU and Utah State.

Detail '76 1976

I sketched for seven years as a Professional Boy Scout, and then I took a Teaching Degree.


Early 80's



Once I had a job and had given up on Greek and Graduate School, I took Art classes through the University Extension. The classes from Rob McKay were valuable, but most University class left me on my own. I did discovered life drawing at the U. I took a water color class. Then, I saw an advertisement for Art Lessons from Kamille Cory. I had found a Master. I had a year of a most amazing study and learning. Kamille told me how to do things properly and she told me when I wasn’t. Since leaving Kamille’s instruction six years ago, I have been alone with my books.

Study and practice are keys to learning. I have written Very Basic Art Lessons for my own study and practice. I did so in faith that someday I will create beauty, goodness, and truth.

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