Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Bridge to Somewhere

Brandon, our Forest Range, wanted a new Bridge at Camp Loll. Now we have one.
Lynn Hinrich's design for the bridge by the Blackfoot Teepee.

The Crew unloads the timbers.

Lumber in place.

The beams rest on rocks gathered from the forest and the Grassy Lake quarrey.

Bill Wangsgard at work.

Such craft!

Paint to keep it safe.

Planks in place.

From dream to reality in two days of service. This view is looking in toward the heart of the camp.

From the Blackfoot side.

All we need is a troll.


Reach Upward said...

Thanks for posting the pics. I was amazed to see the project come together. I thought it was too ambitious to be accomplished in so short a time. Getting the materials, equipment, people, and proper conditions together is a serious undertaking. And to get it finished just before the cloudburst was an added bonus. It all seems miraculous to me.

Oh, and I was grateful to be working on the bridge rather than pumping KYBOs with you and Clin.

So, should we be planning to build a sister to this bridge on the other end of the swamp next Labor Day weekend? Maybe we could get some more alumni up there if they marked their calendars right now.

Jordan Edson said...

Cody made a pretty good bridge troll when we were in Bechler. Maybe you could employ him as the Camp Loll Troll.

Tyler said...

Very impressive bridge. Far better than the one we used just a few weeks prior. :)

Let me know if you are doing another. I will try to come help.