Monday, August 10, 2009

Parting Shots 2009

Don't you wish you were at Union Falls? I never leave.

How about a warm swim?

Scout Pool

Scout enters the pool.

Scout in the pool. God made this hot tub.

Polar Bear Springs - a real Polar Bear Springs - the real Polar Bear Springs!

First Aid is a Scout Craft Skill.

Down at the "beach" the real boys of summer.

Cannon ball!!!!!

Keeping cool at the Water Front.
There and Back Again, a Hobbit's Holiday

At the Flag Pole once again;

What a man!

Commando Corps

You pulled out my un - massive chest hair!

Bay Watch Teaches First Aid

Protection from the sun

Rambo scorns the pretty boys,

but they know their manuvuers.

How can one not love Rambo spit?

Wesley returns - no more mice!

The Rock Jock

Highlanders run it all.

Climbing has become an important part of Loll's program. On any given day we have as many folks climbing as at the Water Front.

"I think I can."

"We knew he could."

Some say this place is for the birds.

That, my son, is in your hands.

The Vital Spark, a light in the forest.

Another light in the forest.

Huckleberry Fever:

After you've picked for a while; when you close your eyes you see huckleberries everywhere.

Not quite ripe, but who can wait?

Can one ever get too many huckleberries?

Highland games in the Twilight Zone

Never diss on the Highland Games.

Caber toss.

Steal the bacon.

Wizard in the woods.


Rock put

Indian leg wrestling

Arm wrestling

Indian Dancing?

Indian Scalp Game

Indian Rope Game
At the "Story Log".
On the Honor Trail

Seeing double?

Dan Does the Tetons.

Anyone for a swim?

I love columbine.
The Moose, the moose.

Mountain Food

What the Hail?

So long for now, see you a little bit further up the creek.


Tiffany said...



I find it amusing that Rambo makes fun of the pretty boys when he is one.

Trent will love those Teton shots. We were talking about all the best places to watch the Perseian (sp?) meteor shower, and he mentioned the saddle between the middle and the grand Teton. So beautiful.

Alison Conner said...

Just bring me some Huckleberries when you come home. I love you guys!

Lysis said...


Dan is the man!!!! Our most excelent High Adventure Director. Leonard was up for the week with his troop.

I wish you could come to our mountains to see the stars fall. We miss you guys.


We are bringing some huckleberries, most have gone to make cheese cake for the staff, but we will bring all our love.

Reach Upward said...

Fantastic photos. Thanks for including one of my boy.

Lysis said...

Reach Upward,

Thanks to you and to all who share their sons, and daughters too.

Dallin D. Slater said...

Oh how I miss that wonderland of work, joy, and adventure!!! I miss the "real life" lifestyle!!!!

Lysis said...

I miss you too. Get some sleep!

vegimatic said...


Good to see the Agora up again...

Thanks for doing brings back so many memories.

Buzz Carter said...

Thanks so much for letting us invade your Sanctuary for a few days. I know you made sacrifices, and they were appreciated.

I miss those days, and being at camp. You are a good man, and I don't care what anyone else says.

M Hop

Lysis said...

Kent and Mike,

It is wonderful to hear from you. I am so glad to share these pictures and thought with you. It makes them of more value to me to know they are of some value to you.