Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mother Inferior

"How about that woman in Texas?" my colleague demanded Tuesday morning. I have just returned from over two months in the wilderness were I had barely heard a rumor of the attacks by terrorists murderers on our British Allies and nothing of the bitter squabbles of political showmanship and fame grabbing grandstanding by those who exploit tragedy for power.
"I don't know anything about a woman in Texas," I replied.
"Well, she's sure embarrassing YOUR President!" he mocked.

Now I have heard something of the "woman from Texas". Her exploitation of her own son's death made me think of Meda's reply to Jason when he asked for the bodies of his murdered sons. "No," she says, "you would trade even their broken bodies for power, buy advantage with their little corpses."

I suppose it was inevitable that, as precious lives are spent in defense of our nation and the world, there would come a "Merchant in bones" to sell out the cause for which our heroes paid the ultimate price in order to buy the adulation of the mob.

How the ghouls that exploit the dead must delight to be joined in their repast by this made for media monster mother. How those who murdered her son must triumph in their victory over her spirit and the circus-like frenzy of the media coverage her betrayal of his sacrifice provides their propaganda machine.

It is a bitter irony that the same politicians that define and defend a "mothers right to kill" her own children, seek to promote and exploit this woman's misguided bitterness over her child's death. Isn't it amazing that the same people that will celebrate the deaths of the million children to be butchered in the abortion factories of America this year as an immutable right of a woman's free choice, mock the choice of a hero to die in defense of freedom?


Silver Lining said...

Cindy Sheehan doesn't discuss the choices her adult son made (he re-enlisted). Nor does she discuss the fact that she already had a meeting with the President. (By the way, even left leaning commentators have argued that the President, in fairness, shouldn't grant her another meeting).

Although a comedy routine, Jon Stewart got it right on the Daily Show when he mentioned that Michael Moore and had to get involved in Ms. Sheehan's crusade because she would otherwise appear sympathetic.

It is sad that this woman lost her son. It is more so that so many would choose to attempt to capitalize on that.

On a final note, Cindy Sheehan is missing some great weather by being out in Crawford. Oh well.

Ares said...

First of all, let me say a word to Lysis:
I am so glad you have returned to us. I look forward to another year of searching for truth with you.

Now, I would just like to say a few words concerning loss in times of war. These are my own views, but I hope that they will mean something to you. I think that if you have lost a loved one to this or any other war, you have the right to hate it with all your being. To lose a loved one would be the second biggest sacrifice one could give for their country. The biggest, obviously is one's own life, but personally, I haven't heard any stories of those who died having hated the war in which they were fighting.
On the contrary, all that I have heard from our fighting men and women is that they remember why they are out fighting; that is to bring peace and freedom to a part of the world that would be otherwise oppressed.
What is more infuriating is that there are others who will stop at nothing to take advantage of a loss of life for personal or political gain. Take, for instance, the recent presidential election. John Kerry took (or at least tried to take) great advantage of the then 1000 US soldiers that had died serving their country.
In the end, what I have tried to illustrate (however poorly, I know) that those who lose a loved one probably have the right to hate the war, but to mock their sacrifice when the soldier knew why he or she was dying is the tragic thing. What takes the cake, though, is that there are endless amounts of politicians willing to take all that they can from the death and the extremist views of this lady's son.

Once again, great to be back here, Lysis.


Bryan Hickman said...

Welcome back, Lysis. Greetings from DC, the mouth of the proverbial beast (otherwise known as the Democratic Party).

This Sheehan fiasco has been quite the lame distraction and its unfortunate. I don't think I can add many original thoughts to this already tired argument. But I do have one.

I think it's extremely important that those of us opposing Mrs. Sheehan refrain from criticising her personally, because I think it's what she and the left-wing spin/finance machine want. Instead, I think our criticism should be aimed solely at her statements, the misrepresentations of the media regarding those statements (and there are many), and the shadow orchestration of her campaign by the usual suspects (Moveon, Michael Moore, etc.).

Those, I believe are fair game. We must not, in my opinion, put ourselves in a position to question her grief or her intentions. For such attacks only fuel the fire.


RealFruitBeverage said...

I on the other hand do not share b-ry's opinion/calmness regarding this issue. I think Mrs. Sheehan is a bad person, and a bad mother to boot.

The base of my opinion stem from the duties a mother owes to her son. What's that you say; a parent has a duty to their children; I thought children had a duty to honor their parents and that was it? I would also like to put this out, losing a loved one is probably the most painful thing in the world. I wouldn't know as I have never personally lost a loved one. With that said let me continue.

Mrs. Sheehan's son was a noble solider who took it upon himself to re up in a time of war to serve his country in a cause of the most importance. This is the first time in a long time that the US is making good on it's promise to be a beacon of freedom to the world. This is the first time since Somalia that the US has shown that the west does care about people other than Europeans. (I'm still rather pissed off at Bill Clinton on the whole Somalia, which leads to Rwanda, which leads to Sudan thing but that is a different post) All this in a time when the US military is having a recruiting shortage, which on a side note, the US Army projects it will not meet the required amount of personnel replacement to stay at preferred strength.

Meanwhile Mrs. Sheehan takes her grief to taint the memory of her son. No longer will he be remembered as a solider that did his duty, but he'll be remembered as the son of the mom that completely spit upon everything he died for. Yes that is a true act of love, calling to shame everything that your son is willing to die for. It's a sad day when the mothers of soldiers bring shame to them.

But one may say it's just the media and spin monsters and demigogs(sp?). Any decent mother who was truly grieving for her son and knew him well enough to know what he stood for would have said you know what enough, stop turning the life of my son who gave his life in service of freedom that others may enjoy life into a circus. What my son bought with his life it to valuable to be sold to you and whatever your cause is.

I have not been called to give my life for this "thing" that we are in. But if I were to do so I would never ever want any of my family or friends to protest that which I would go to sacrifice for.

What ever happened to the good Spartan mother. Come back on with your shield, on your shield, or not at all. Sparta lives!

-Real Fruit Beverage out

Silver Lining said...

Hey RFB. Sure miss you. Anyhow, I don't know how much extra info. we get in our news because Cindy Sheehan is from this area, but I will profer it up in case it interests anyone. At least one of her other sons has asked her repeatedly to come home because she is embarassing them and the memory of their brother.

Furthermore, we have other parents in this area whose sons have died in the war and who also oppose it. They, however, won't go and protest because of respect for their son's choice. They don't make it a secret that they don't agree with U.S. policy, but their grief is their own.

Finally, recruitment is down, but re-enlistment is high. Seems that those who are fighting this war are those who see its value. That speaks volumes to me.

Dan Simpson said...

Here we go once again. I can begin to check this blog again with regularity.

I think RFB is right on. When a woman (mother or not) states that the U.S. is not worth dying for, she is saying that those who willingly die for this country are either stupid (not realizing they are just wrong), or are willingly doing that which is wrong (evil).

Either way, whether she thinks her son was stupid or a terrorist (another label she has put on Bush/U.S./Military) she has called his person into question and every day she stays in Crawford spouting her tripe is another day she tramples her son's grave.

Oh, and by the way, Bryan posted a great picture of her on his blog. It shows Michael Moore lurking behind her. I think a wonderfully apt representation of what is happening.

Bryan Hickman said...

I agree that her statements must be repeated, examined, and defeated. She's said some very disturbing things and should be made accountable.

However, attacking her personally (once again, attacking one's statements is different from attacking one's person) basically assumes that we know how should express her grief and how she should honor her own son.

Once again, I disagree with the route she's taken and I've blogged at length on the issue. In addition, I'll question the motives of the left-wing hate machine that's become her corporate sponsorship...but I still don't think attacking her personally is the right route to take.

Ares said...

Actions determine/denote who we really are.
Actions speak louder than words.
This Sheehan woman has made her actions suspect and up for critisism simply by coming out into the open. That is the outcome of any person who opens themself up in the media, they become viable objects of critisism. Now, assuming that my first statement is correct, her actions are what she believes and what she is. That makes her personal conduct up for criticism.
I hope I havn't confused too many of you with my rantings. But someone has to rant, there's been no sight of blowhard. Forgive me blowhard, a shameless joke at your expense. But I agree with what has been stated many times here already, the She-devil has spit upon her son's memory and that is despicable.


Lysis said...

Silver Lining - Thanks for the reality check. I would have missed the truth of the President's meeting and the family's response if I had only the Media to present the story.

To Ares, God of War, I say - you are right, all war should be hated, but it is all-too-true that those who refuse to use swords can still die on them. If there were no evil there would be no need for the Arch Angle to wield his blade. Even Heaven must fight against evil. We all dream of and pray for peace, but peace will only come through victory.

B-ry, had Sheehan strapped a bomb about her waist and blown someone up, I would have condemned her as a murderer. Her incendiary words have lit many a fuse. I have every sympathy for those who lose their loved ones, but an accessory to murder must face the charge; no matter how deep their sorrow.

I agree with Fruity Beverage - the Media fan the sparks, but they were struck by Sheehan. I call her a fame seeker. That those who know her best challenge her motives gives witness to reason.

Dannyboy - I believe you are right to point out the dishonor this woman does to all who have given their lives for those of us they do not even know. How we must reverence those who have sacrificed their all for our everything. I hold our country worth dying for and worth living for too, because of the values it defends. Those values give Sheehan the right to mock America, we have the right, the duty, to point out her folly.

denEijk said...

You've said exactly what I've thought all along!

Aeneas said...

Lysis, welcome back.

Cindy Sheehan's son gave his life for a noble cause, despite his mother's belief to the contrary. Ms. Sheehan did not have a choice regarding the lose of her son, however, Ms. Sheehan does have a choice regarding her actions and words regarding that death. Ms. Sheehan has chosen to allow herself and the memory of her dead son to be exploited by the far-left. What is most disturbing to me is Ms. Sheehan's lack of shame at her willingness to degrade the nobility of her own son's sacrifice in the fight for freedom, the same freedom for which others have died for to ensure Ms. Sheehan's right to make such a choice.

Beef Jerky said...

Michael Moore appears to be turning into the next Rrrrrrrrreverend Jackson, piggy-backing on anything controversial and acting like he's been there from the beginning. Nice to have you and your family back, Lysis.

Ares said...

Lysis, the point you made concerning those people who refuse to wield swords can still die on them is poignant and exactly what I was trying to say, although you did it far more eloquently then I ever could have.
On a side note to Lysis, I recently have had a debate with one of my neighbors and she was demoralizing Bush (in conjuntion with his trip to Utah to speak at the veterans of foreign wars convention and the following peace march made by liberal wackos with extreme hairdos and "non-conformist" clothing). She made statements of the like of: when do we leave Iraq? Who are we going to attack next? Iran? North Korea? To which I said that we would fight until America was safe. Then she said that Bush was also destroying our environment. I remembered a blog that you had, Lysis, concerning the enviro-jihad and I quoted a few of the facts to her about how the environment has improved over then last ten and fifty years. I gave her the full text of your original post this morning and we shall see what effect it has on her. But what I would like to say is (in my very very roundabout way) is thank you for your help in giving me what I needed to give a little truth and not be fooled by those out to hate and demoralize our country.
Now, we also had a bit of a discussion concerning the Sheehan woman about which I still need some help, so if someone could please give me a few ideas, I would be very grateful. She said that Bush has been very closed in his distribution of information, that other presidents have been far more open in times of crisis and why is Bush being so closed? I asked her if she thought that Clinton was being very open in his second term, but I would like to have a few more responses if anyone has any ideas.
May none of us ever spit upon the memories of those who have made our lives safer.

Lysis said...

Ares - It is an honor to have provided an "arrow for your quiver". By the way - the lines about swords are from J.R.R. Tolkien.

As for the President's being open in time of crisis; what crisis is this woman referring to? What about it does she want the President to devulge? 24/7 news coverage would have wilted J.F.K. or L.B.J. Does she want GW Bush to get on the T. V. and lie the way Clinton spent his second term? Specific lies from Clinton's "distribution" that you might point out to her were: his finger shaking claim that he "never had sex whth that woman", his claim to have ended the development of nuclear weapons by the North Koreans, and all his claims about the strength of the US economy. Clinton's great "economic success" proved to be a lie based, bursting bubble which took Bush three years to repair.

Usually when anti-Bush types make such statements they are parroting words from lift-wing talking points. They have neither knowlege of histroy nor understanding of the present to back their attacks.

Reach Upward said...

Lysis, it's nice to have you back, my friend. I do think the President has a duty to communicate more effectively than he has done on the war as of late. We need his leadership. Please check out my blog on this issue here.

Anonymous said...

Vegimatic Here,

Cindy is returning to the glory days of the anti-war protesters in the 60's and 70's. Hence, the media is doing the same. Today I read on the Drudge report Cindy's post in Areana Huffington's website. She is returning to Crawford. And so far, since the polls show no bounce from her pitching a fit the media doesn't care. Her 15 minutes are fading fast!

Lysis, on a personal note good to have you back. I hope all went well this summer. No one died or got lost. My son was at the Jamboree across the street from the Alaska troop that lost their leaders. He saw the tent burn.
Enjoy the school year!

Lysis said...

Vegimatic - nice to hear from you. I fear Sheehan will not fade - or will be replaced by some other grandstanding distraction. Too many depend up the hate she stirs to "drop the spoon" even when it is bent.

Vegimatic - I thought of you this summer as I sent my son up Belcher Canyon to guide a high adventure group. My memories hold a picture of you "as a beautiful youth" returning from your fifty miler down from Old Faithful. You were one of the first I "sent" on that trail. I also touught of Aeneas and the visit he and I had with Dunbar that day in 88, under the cloud of a burning Yellostone. Thanks for the memories.

Yes, I had a safe and successful summer, although much saddenened by the losses others faced. I will give a peek into our summer in my next posting.

Reach Upward said...

Lysis, I look forward to your summer camp post. I have your Nixon book (you can read my comments about it on my blog), and I will drop it by when I am in your neighborhood. It contains an old black and white photo that I believe is of your family when you were a youth. Thanks for letting me borrow the book. It was a fascinating read.

Vegimatic, it's me - Scott. Or you will remember me as Scooby.

Dan Simpson said...

Lysis, are you continuing to pass on the Nixon book 'No More Vietnams'?

If so, I am ever more glad that I pointed you to it.

Lysis said...

Dannyboy – I will always be grateful for that tip – and many other things as well. Once more thanks!!!

About Health Blog said...

How the ghouls that exploit the dead must delight to be joined in their repast by this made for media monster mother.