Sunday, January 30, 2005

Let's Remember Where Teddy Put His Faith

Today, Ted Kennedy’s faith crumbled under the weight of (not his belly but) the truth! As one listens to the reports of the overwhelming success of democracy in Iraq, the echo of Ted Kennedy’s bitter words of last week should be noted before they fade in the biased memory of the left leaning media. Kennedy put his faith in the failure of the Iraqi elections. He claimed the mission of American troops had failed, and that they (our warrior heros) had become "part of the problem" in Iraq. A problem he did not define.

Ted Kennedy is hoping for another Vietnam - and this time he hopes that when American fails, its enemies will succeed. He is hoping for the failure of freedom so he can vindicate his politically driven refusal to support freedom in the past.

In the 1970's Ted Kennedy put his faith in Communism. He lead the charge to desert the people of South Vietnam. Confident that once American troops left that war torn country the "social wonder of Marxism" would build a super world of prosperity and peace. As President Nixon observed in No More Vietnams, "Communism brought peace to Vietnam - the peace of the grave." The "bright Communist future" of Kennedy's faith crumbled under the weight of mass murder, slavery, and poverty. When Communism collapsed, Kennedy's faith was crushed.

Now Ted Kennedy has put his faith (and the hope for the future of the Democrat Party) in the failure of freedom in Iraq. He put his faith in terrorists who have declared war on Democracy; terrorists who use murder and intimidation to gain power and control over the minds and souls of men and women; fellow humans who, although they may be from Iraq not Boston, have the universal and unalienably rights offered by God to all. Teddy put his faith in the failure of Iraq’s electoral process. If the elections had failed he would have said, "I told you so."; his faith vindictated. His faith in the terrorists is a dream of justifying his failed faith in the communist conquers of South Vietnam. Where freedom to fail it would salve his guilty conscience for having deserted freedom in the past. Thus Ted Kennedy puts his faith in any force that might show freedom unworthy of faith.

He was wrong before - he is wrong now. The truth about Vietnam did not shut him up; we have little hope that he will admit the triumph of freedom now. But today’s truth has once again crushed Ted Kennedy’s faith in freedom’s foes.


Dan Simpson said...

I have to say that there are few things that are as moving as seeing lines of people by the thousands, standing out in the open, opposing the threat of death, to cast a vote.

Anyone who sees this, and can still call what we have done in Iraq a failure is either blind, stupid, or so filled with malice towards President Bush that they can no longer think clearly.

Aeneas said...

I think that it is also worth noting what John Kerry's response to the successful elections in Iraq was this morning. When asked about his impression of the results of the election on Meet the Press, John Kerry's response was that we should not over-hype this election and that we should thank U.S. troops. I don't recall Kerry ever congratulating the Iraqi people or really recognizing their courage and sacrifice to make yesterday's election the resounding success it was. Oh well, at least Kerry had sense enough to disagree with Ted Kennedy about the immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces. Both Kerry and Kennedy have once again shown they are both on the wrong side of history.

A_Shadow said...

The point that I'm finding interesting is that not only were the elections a success, but (like I'm sure Lysis has said at one point or another) the trend is spreading. I just found out that Egypt has been in contention over this whole thing. Iraqis now have a key right that Egyptians don't: the right to vote. If Egypt were to shift and become a democratic nation as well, then there would be Irael, Iraq, and Egypt as democratic powers in the region. That's a resounding sound of freedom in such an embattled region. And Egypt might follow based off of political pressures. I think that would be a wonderful thing.

TaZa said...
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TaZa said...

Things are definetly changing in the middle east. Its about time that the arabs have a renissance of their own.

"If democracy is so great, then why do we have communism in the schools and dictatorship in the homes?" James Wilcox

A_Shadow said...

I suppose if we were to follow the events with the outlook that they are having something similar to European history... Then they could definately be coming out of some midieval period. But then, unless I'm mistaken, aren't they part of the reason that we were able to get the classical works of the Greeks and Romans back? I thought that they kept libraries, etc, of those things and when Italy and Europe started into trading they also traded some of that knowledge... But whatever, maybe it's their second renaissance.

Anonymous said...

Lysis says:
"If the elections failed HE WOULD HAVE SAID,'I told you so.' . . . " (capitalization my own)

--Straw Man: the author attacks an argument different from (and weaker than) the oppositions best argument.

So many "straw men", so little time.

I would find it more informative and instructive to have Lysis respond to something Kennedy actually said than attack some inane hypothetical comments that Kennedy didn't make, and obviously wouldn't make, and then extend with invective a characterization of Kennedy as the "Boogeyman".

"Ted Kennedy is hoping for another Vietnam."

. . . "this time he hopes that when America fails, its enemies will succeed."

"In 1970 Kennedy put his faith in Communism."

"Kennedy's faith crumbled"

Thus Ted Kennedy puts his faith in any force that might show freedon unworthy of force."

All of this is unworthy of Lysis, who has become a mentor for so many of us.

I reiterate, Are you a teacher or a preacher?

Has Bush failed to support the application of the Geneva convention by making it abundantly clear that his administration will abstain from the use of all forms of torture? Has the nomination of Gonzalez seemed to endorse the use of torture or the continued use of torture?
What is Lysis position on torture and Democracy? Can the ends justify the means?
Work some Lysis magic on issues of more substance!

Apollo said...

What could have more substance than our country? Sure it may not be important to us in this immediate time, but times change! What would we be doing if our nation was in the hands of Kennedy. I believe this is what Lycis is trying to bring forward. Am I wrong?

Lysis said...

I am not putting up a “Straw Man” I am speculating on what I think Kennedy would say in a
situation which, thanks to President Bush, we will never have to consider - the failure of the
Iraqi elections. I judged him by has past behavior but did not pretend that he actually said

Here are some things that Kenned actually did say in order to hurt Bush which end up hurting

1. On Sept. 19, 2003 , Kennedy said that Bush’s war on terrorism is a “fraud made up in Texas to
give Republicans a political boost.” Mike Moore stole the idea and produced a movie used to
recruit suicide bombers!

2. On April 12, 2004, Kennedy said “Iraq is George Bush’s Vietnam and this country needs a
new President.” How does this sound to our troops, our allies, and our enemies? Another
Vietnam is exactly what the terrorists want Iraq to be! Let me quote from columnist Jonah
Goldburg. “Things might be falling apart there [Iraq] – thought I think it’s premature to judge
that. But the best way to guarantee that Iraq turns out to be a failure is to act as if it’s a failure.
The North Vietnamese “won” the Tet offensive [though we know they lost the battle] and
ultimately Vietnam because they forced America to lose its nerve. That’s what al - Sadr and bin
- Laden have been counting on from the beginning as they try to persuade Muslims to kill
Americans. And I’ll bet thy think Ted Kennedy’s whistling their tune (National Review on Line)
I agree with Goldburg, and that is why I condemn Kennedy for putting his politics ahead of his

As for his need to cover up his “Vietnam guilt”. This is also my opinion - I am allowed those
aren’t I? The supporting facts to my view include the indictment of Kennedy’s actions, which I
remember from my own life and which are presented very well by President Nixon in his book,
{suggested to us all by Dannyboy2). Nixon says:

“Anti war senators and congressmen launched a frontal assault on our policy in May and June.
Initially, their target was legislating a halt to our bombing in Cambodia. But soon they raised
their sights to a prohibition of all direct and indirect American military actions in or around
Indochina. They also sought to forbid the sending of reconstruction aid to North Vietnam.
When they succeeded with both efforts, Congress had withdrawn both the carrots and the sticks
built into the agreement. Hanoi as a result had no reason to comply with its terms.

“During the debate over the bombing cutoff, our critics constantly questioned whether we
sincerely wanted peace and repeatedly demanded that we resolve the conflict in Indochina
through diplomacy alone. Senator Ted Kennedy, who was a principal sponsor of the measure,
said, “If we really want peace in Cambodia – and cease-fire arrangements for all of Indochina –
then we should be sending our diplomats to help negotiate these arrangements, instead of
sending our b-52' to bomb.” It was sadly ironic that Kennedy, whose brother had committed the
united States to the defense of the free countries of Indochina, was leading the fight to abandon

We abandoned our Vietnamese allies and three and a half million people died and Vietnam
remains under Communist slavery until today

Now Kennedy is leading the charge to desert our allies in Iraq. He would leave the Iraq people
in the hands of murderers and the Middle East in the hands of terrorists for his own political
gain. He is more interested in gaining the support of anti-war voters than of bringing freedom to
people who are willing to die to obtain it. He is more intent on hurting Bush than in helping the
heros of Iraq and Afghanistan. He encourages our enemies and he disheartens our military and
our allies. Ted Kennedy in not a strawman, he is a “scarecrow” trying to frighten victory from
the legacy of Bush and freedom.

As for Ted Kennedy’s attacks on Judge Gonzalez; They were entirely manufactured. Gonzalez
never put out a position on torture. He requested some information from the Justice Department
and issued a confidential recommendation to his client - the President of the United States. His
comments are and must be protected under long held and constitutionally supported tradition.
Or are you, Anonymous, for throwing out the Constitution if it doesn’t agree with your position?
The Criminals at Abu Grab never heard of the Justice Department memo or Judge Gonzalez’
confidential report to President Bush until the Democrats, determined to sully the reputation of a
Hispanic Conservative and attack the Bush administration, concocted false charges about it. For
them to say that Judge Gonzalez or the President supported torture in any way, is untrue, and
gives aid and comfort to the enemies of freedom throughout the world.

My position on torture is the same as that of President Bush and Judge Gonzalez. It is wrong
under any circumstance and is not to be tolerated in this war. There has been no sanctioned
torture of enemy combatants, or POW’s and to say there has been for political purposes is to kill
American soldiers and Iraqi patriots for the sake of gaining power.

To Pretend that either the President or his Attorney General ever said anything in support of
torture, as Kennedy did, is the true manufacture of a “Straw Man.” Shame on Teddy Kennedy!!!

Kennedy’s demands last week to that Bush set a date certain for withdrawal from Iraq; are the
same tactic. They are sure to weaken our allies resolve to fight, and give our enemies a goal to
hold out until an artificial line beyond which their victory will be certain.

Apollo said...

I see in Lycis' comments plenty of evidence for you Anonymous. You should be satisfied. Ted Kennedy has asid many hurtful things, many of which Lycis has not published. That's probably due to the fact that he didn't need to put any more. If I know Lycis as well as I think I do, he's probably got every angle of this planned out to the most extreme end. You failed to keep common sense in your writing, Anonymous. You were so hooked up on pointing out that Lycis was putting in opinion, even to the point of delusion, that you didn't realize the hurt you were doing to yourself. You brought out an opinion that covered a large area of discussion that Lysis used to his advantage. You asked the mentor for his opinion. Fatal mistake in wanting to overpower an oponent in a debate. He stated it perfectly and he has left you little room for your argument. When you blog with someone like Lycis you must always be on guard. Good move Lycis!

Dannyboy2 said...

I can see a few of Teddy's points though. I think that we are not supposed to be in Iraq anymore. I think we should have pulled out and just monitored the whole way things went instead of imposing and implying that they wanted a constitution. Ours has held up well enough but I believe Communism is the way of the future! No one likes us! Let's face facts, the only way that the rest of the world will respect us is if we make them respect us!

Anonymous said...

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Dr. Health said...

Teddy put his faith in the failure of Iraq’s electoral process.

Anonymous said...

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